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Recreational Programs

Open Registration means no tryouts; all boys and girls between the ages of 4 (DOB before July 31 2010) and 18 who register get to play – as long as there are enough players registered to fill the teams, and enough coaches to coach them.

Ages U10 and above will travel for some games and the U16/U19 will be a co-ed in house program.

Click here for information on how to register

U-05 & U-06 Divisions

Our U-05 and U-06 divisions are specially designed for our youngest players (U= under, so U5 players are 4 years old / U6 players are 5 years old).

All players in these divisions are taught the elementary rules of soccer through fun and exciting drills like Sharks and Minnows, Clean Your Room, and Bad Coach. At the end of the season, players will have learned the skills necessary to stop, pass, dribble, and throw-in their very own soccer ball, that we give them to keep.

The U-05 will be a Jamboree style program. The U-06 division is designed to allow all players to play with all other players in their division. Parents are encouraged to cheer every player on the field, but are discouraged from coaching from the sideline. Our goal is exercise, and entertainment for the children, as they learn to play soccer. We do not keep W-L records.

For a child to be eligible to register, he/she must reach the age of 4 by the start of our soccer season. If you'd like to register a child to play Click Here.

U-08 to U-19 Divisions

Our soccer program offers rule teaching, skill building, and competitive matches without the burden of W-L standings. We believe that all players should play to win, but not in lieu of good sportsmanship and fair play. No soccer experience is necessary for a player to join, only the desire to play. AYSO's core philosophies are observed at all times.

In the U8, and U10 divisions, both teams and fields are smaller, play is short-sided and rules are simplified to ensure every player gets the maximum amount of playing time and touches on the ball. 

As players get older and move through the U10, U12 and U14 divisions, additional concepts like goalies, positions, off-sides, corner and penalty kicks are implemented. 

By the time players reach the U19 division, games are 90 minutes in length and are governed by FIFA's Laws of the Game.

If you'd like to register a child to play Click Here