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Current referees can sign up for games at this link.

To save you the trouble of having to create an excuse of your own, we have listed the most of the common excuses for non-participation in this critical function in the AYSO program.  Why I Can't Become a Referee

From Referee Administrator Brian Cooper - [email protected]

We really need parents to give serious consideration to becoming a referee
, your children will thank you.
With people aging out of the program or moving, the numbers of available referees can change significantly and unpredictably.

Historically, there are plenty of slots filled by untrained volunteers. Most of these open slots are in U8 & U10, the easiest divisions to referee. Ideally there should be 2 adults on each team who are trained referees. We depend on our coaches for so much, refereeing the game shouldn’t be one of them.

The AYSO referees are volunteers, parents and children, who have stepped forward and have taken the referee training. AYSO depends on volunteers to create the fun, fair and safe environment our children enjoy and deserve. Many of you have already volunteered to take a flag and help “call lines”. In doing so you filled a role called “Club linesman”. The difference between a Club linesman and an Assistant referee is training. I am asking you to consider obtaining the training for something you already do for your child.  


The Basic Referee class is for new volunteers and U-8 referees looking to upgrade to the next level.
For the Basic Referee class
[minimum age is 10, U-8 referee badges provided for anyone under 12]
1. Signup on as a volunteer [everyone must complete this form each year]
2. Using your AYSO ID # from, go to
3. Complete the Save Haven course [the website indicates this may take 60-70 minutes]
4. Complete the Basic Referee course [the website indicates this may take 60-100 minutes]
5. Once completed, please RSVP with me at [email protected] with your AYSO ID number.  I will provide the class location after verifying your online training.  This is a 4 hour class plus a test [allow 5 hours to complete].
6. After completing the Basic Referee class, complete the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness course [the website indicates this may take 45-60 minutes]

For the Intermediate Referee class,
all existing referees need to do is to RSVP with me at [email protected], and I will provide the class location. 

I recommend reading the Laws of the Game in advance as the test focuses on the Laws, but the class doesn't spend a lot of time on them.  This is an 8 hour class and I'll provide lunch.  You will need something to take notes with and on.

The following classes are being offered.  Please RSVP at least 2 days in advance.  Those who RSVP will be provided the location.   Please bring something to write with, and on.

Basic Referee class: Saturday March 4th - cancelled [no RSVPs]
Basic Referee class: Sunday March 12th - [2 new referees
Spring 2017 season starts on Saturday March 18th
Referee Mentoring: Sunday March 19th for existing referees – Please RSVP if interested
Basic Referee class: Friday April 7th - [7 new referees
Basic Referee class: Saturday April 15th - cancelled [no RSVPs]

More classes will be scheduled
depending upon the demand.  
Classes may be rescheduled based on weather or attendance.  
A minimum class of 3 is desired to invest 6 hours of our time.
The status of each class will be updated on this page. 

Brian Cooper

AYSO 605 Referee Administrator

Officiating Program

AYSO referees do more than just enforce the Laws of the Game.
Their job is to make sure the game is safe and enjoyable for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators -- and themselves.

  • Referee training that teaches not only the letter of the law, but the "Spirit of the Game."
  • Six levels of AYSO referee training. 
  • USSF cross-certification.
  • Training for referee instructors, administrators and assessors.
  • Ready, Set Ref! video and workbook for new referees.
  • Youth Referee Program
  • AYSO referees are volunteers


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