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My child is new to playing soccer. What do they need?

Shoes - Shoes may be any type of shoe having any number of cleats (rubber, plastic or metal) that have no sharp edges. Little Devils may play in cleats or gym shoes.

Shin guards - Any type will do. The rule only specifies that there be no plastic exposed, so make sure the sock covers the whole shin guard.

Water Bottle - An absolute necessity!  A 16.9 oz. plastic water bottle is not enough water. We also pick up a lot of half empty disposal water bottles after games and practices because the kids drink part of them, then can't remember which one was theirs.

Ball - The size soccer ball your child needs is determined by division. 
Little Devils (U6) ⚽ Size 3 ball
Passers (U8) ⚽ Size 3 ball
Wings (U10) ⚽ Size 4 ball
Strikers (U12) ⚽ Size 4 ball
Kickers (U14) ⚽ Size 5 ball

Shorts - 
Shorts are not provided for the Spring Session.  Shorts are provided in the Fall Session except in the Little Devils division.

Shirt - Provided with registration.

Socks - Provided with registration.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

SAY Soccer Association for Youth
Law IV: Players' Equipment

SAY Soccer Playing Laws