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General Information

Concussion Training:
All referees must complete concussion training and certification regardless of age.  Upon completion, please forward your Training Certificate to the Referee Coordinator.

Passer Rules: 
Our passer division is "in-house" which means our rules may differ from other districts.
Duration of Game: 
Four 10 minute periods. Switch sides After EVERY QUARTER- this is not negotiable. 
Off-Sides: No off-sides.  Referees should discourage cherry picking at the far end of the field.
Throw-Ins: Unlimited. When an improper throw-in is taken, the Referee should stop play, explain or demonstrate the proper procedure and allow throw-in to be retaken.  
Absolutely no coaches allowed on field. 

Quick Reference SAY Rules:

2022 - Passers (8U) Condensed Playing Laws
2022 - Wings (10U) Condensed Playing Laws
2022 - Strikers (12U) Condensed Playing Laws
2022 - Kickers (14U) Condensed Playing Laws

Questions? Contact Referee Coordinator