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The fastest game on two feet!


Working with the boys at ITC

Working with the boys at ITC

Teaching the boys how to hold their sticks to react faster to passes and shots


Oct 11,2018

$1,000 donated to Plano Lacrosse  I'm excited to have donated $1,000 back to Plano Lacrosse. Let me know what I can do for your LAX organization  [+]

Oct 11,2018

2 Day Fall Camp  Hi Everyone! There is a 2 day camp on November 17/18 at the Willow Springs Middle School (Turf Field).    [+]

Jul 05,2018

2 Day Summer Camp Coming!!!  Hi everyone -  August 25th and 26th - It's a 2 day camp geared to stick skills!! Come on out and invite your friends!  [+]

Jan 15,2018

UPDATE ON TULSA STICK SKILLS CAMP  Hi Everyone, My apologies - Conflicts with UL tryouts have greatly affected the camp this weekend. See details below   [+]

Field Status


- Plano Senior HS - Just East of Ball Diamonds- 
August 25/26

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QUICK STIX is all about improving your stick skills and by doing so becoming a better skilled and more confident player on the field. 

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