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“Darcy has been working with my 12, 10 and 8 year olds for 3 months and their skill improvement is remarkable!”

--Ray Hood, HP Dad and Bantam Coach

“Darcy has improved my 17 year-old son’s stick handling, transition, reaction time and off-ball movement significantly! I highly recommend the high school advanced program!”

-- Rick Barrett, HP Dad.

“I first met Darcy Richter last summer when we enrolled Travis in the Quick Stix program.  I had no idea what to expect and neither did Travis.  What we saw was eye-opening.  It became clear that first hour of class that some of the lacrosse skills Travis had learned from his previous programs were fundamentally flawed.  Darcy patiently worked with the kids at Quick Stix, literally having them relearn the proper way to throw, to catch and to think on their feet.  Travis loved the program, the use of the multiple rebounders, the drills and the scrimmages.  The other kids and parents were also having a blast.  The first class convinced the two of us that we needed to contact the other parents who hadn't enrolled their kids in Quick Stix.  We told them we'd both learned more in that hour and a half about stick skills than in a year of another program!”

--Chris Brooks, Plano Dad

Looking at things from an instructional standpoint, Darcy does a great job of breaking down each skill he wants the boys to learn. Then he demonstrates the skill – he doesn't just tell them what they should do. Finally, he gives all of the boys time to practice it. There isn't a lot of standing around during a session with Darcy as he has all of the boys practicing the skills he is teaching. Using good teaching methods of explaining, demonstrating, practicing, then evaluating and re-teaching, Darcy helps each student develop well beyond where they start. He is not about teaching only to the least experienced player but instead realizes that each player comes to his clinics with varying levels of experience and helping all of them grow in their lacrosse abilities.

--Helen Culbertson, Plano Mom