2020 Safety Plan

  • 2020 Lobo little league Safety Plan

    While we hope for no injuries or accidents, they do happen during game activity from time to time. This is what to do in the event of an occurrence and how to avoid those issues. This also tells who to contact when there is an accident. The First Rule is that for all game activity there must be a field monitor present (no exceptions).

    Accident reporting

    -       All injuries that happen to players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators during designated practice or game time, must have an incident report filled out and turned in to the field monitor that day. The field monitor will then submit any reports to the safety officer that same day if possible. Incident forms can be found in the concession stand. Depending on the severity of the incident the field monitor should call safety officer and league president immediately.

    -       911 should be activated for all medical emergencies that occur at the little league, regardless of who the individual is.

    First aid kits /AED

    -       1 Large first aid kit is located inside concession stand, it includes bandages, antiseptics, ice packs, and save-a-tooth system if needed.

    -       Smaller portable first aid kits can be found in the concession stand and should be taken to each field for game time and kept in the home dugout. Each portable kit includes bandages, antiseptics, and the save-a-tooth system.

    -       Lobo is proud to provide an AED in the event of a loss of consciousness or need for CPR assistance. The AED can be found in the batting cages to the left side of the door. It is to be operated by those whom have been trained to do so unless in the event of an emergency. In the event of such an emergency if there are no trained members present, there are directions for use of the AED contained within its case and the device itself will prompt you with directions. The AED device is not to be touched otherwise except by the league safety officer for routine maintenance.

    CPR/Safety training

    -       It our goal at Lobo to provide CPR training to all board members and team managers

    -       Our last training was provided thanks to the UNMH bat-cave on 9/17/18

    -       We look forward to scheduling another training class in the near future.

    Concessions Safety

    -       Inspections for cooler temperatures, product quality and freshness, and equipment cleanliness will be performed each time the concession stand will be opened. A log of these inspections will be kept in the concession stand. All food born illness protections will always be in place.

    -       Gloves must be worn by food handlers while they are handling food.

    -       Proper handwash procedure will be followed by all concession’s volunteers

    -       All concession’s volunteers must be trained by concession manager of proper procedures.

    -       Any concessions volunteer under the age of 16 must be in direct supervision by a trained adult.

    Lightning rules and procedures

    -       When there is fear of lightning, the field monitor will watch for lightning strikes via an approved little league app or a lightning detecting device. Little league rules mandate that a strike within ten miles of the field location will suspend play for 30 minutes. This suspension of play will restart with each strike within the 10-mile boundary. In this event all players should leave the field of play immediately and seek shelter either in a vehicle with their parents or may go to the Lobo batting cages with their coaches. Once play has been stopped because of lightning only the field monitor on site may allow games to commence. At any time during the 30-minute hold period if the coaches mutually decide to postpone their game they may do so and may reschedule from the exact point that the game stopped on another date per schedule approval by the league president.

    Needle Safety
           - Safety walk through fields and common areas prior to all games.
           - Notify field monitor if any needles are found and do not touch or pick up any needles.
           - A “Sharps” container is located in concession stand at all times.
           - If a “dirty stick” should occur, notify safety officer, fill out incident report, and seek immediate attention at                                                                                        nearest ED.

  • Concussion Protocol
  • NMAA Concussion Fact Sheet for more Information (*pdf)
  • Return to Play Guidelines (*pdf)

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