Field Maintenance

Lobo Little League

Field Maintenance Guidelines

Game set-up – Home Team:

·      Unlock the gates

·      Remove any tarps covering the mounds or home plates (store them outside of the fields)

·      Remove base plugs

·      Setup bases

·      Lightly rake the mound and home plate area to smooth low/high spots;

·      Chalk the foul lines

·      Lightly water the infield

·      Coach Pitch Division; setup L-Screen 30’ from Home Plate

·      Do not allow practice warm-ups to occur on infield

·      Retrieve 2 game balls from concession stand

Post-game – Visiting Team (if inter-league/Home team):

·      Empty trash cans (If inter-league game; as visiting team to empty trash cans from dugouts)

·      Remove bases and store in dugout

·      Place base plugs before raking or dragging;

·      Drag the infield.

·      Please stay at least one foot away from the infield lips with the drag.  Alter your pattern each time.  Do not just drive in a circle.  No kids    under 16 are allowed to drive the gator.

·      Lightly water the infield

·      Fill holes on mound or around home plate. Lightly water and tamp. Cover mound with tarp.

·      Return maintenance equipment to the storage shed and/or batting cages

·      Lock Gates


Field maintenance is required after every practice. Please follow the Post-Game Guidelines. Leave the field how you would like to receive it. If the field is in disarray prior to practice, we’ll continue to provide education to those who need it.

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