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Niceville PAL Soccer League


The PAL 2019 season runs from August 12 to November 14, 2019.

Online registration begins May 15th and is open through July 27th.  There will be two in-person registration events on Saturday, June 29th and Saturday, July 27th in the Niceville High School cafeteria.  Both events are from 9am until 1pm.  A waiting list will open after registrations close on July 27th.  Cost of registration is $85.
» Click here to view the 2019 PAL soccer registration flyer.
» Click here for a comprehensive summary of 2019 PAL season, including division-specific information.
» Click here for the 2019 PAL Soccer League Registration Handout

The following divisions are available for the 2019 PAL season.  To see what division your player is eligible for based on their birth date, consult the 2019 Age Groups chart.
- U6 co-ed
- U8B and U8G (separate boys and girls teams)
- U10B and U10G (separate boys and girls teams)
- U12B and U12G (separate boys and girls teams)
- U14 co-ed (playing full 11v11 games)
- U16 co-ed (playing full 11v11 games
- U19 co-ed

Coaches are needed!  Please consider volunteering to be a head coach or an assistant coach.

If you would like to sponsor a team for the 2019 season or know of a business who would like to sponsor a team, please see our Sponsorship Form.

Additional parent and player resources:
PAL rules for the 2019 season
PAL Field Layouts and Locations for 2019
Parent Code of Conduct
Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet
Uniform Sizing Chart
- Soccer ball sizes:
VIP/U6/U8: Size 3
U10/U12: Size 4
U14/U16/U19: Size 5
Required and Recommended Equipment
Prohibited Equipment
Pairing Request Form.  Used to pair players of coaches and/or sponsors on the same team for all divisions except U6.
U6 Pairing Request Form.  Used to pair players on the same team for the U6 division.
Special Request Form.  Used to request a player to "play up" or "play down" an age division or for other special requests.

Other information:
SAY Return to Play Form.  This form is required for a player to return after being removed for concussion symptoms.  SAY Soccer rules require written authorization from a physician or other licensed medical professional before an athlete may return to play after exhibiting concussion symptoms that cause that athlete to be removed from the field.

- Smart Start Soccer (SSS) Fact Sheet