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Niceville PAL Soccer League


General Information for the PAL 2024 Season
PAL offers recreational soccer for both boys and girls ages 4 to 18.  The following divisions are available for the 2024 season.  To see what division your player is eligible for based on their birth date, consult the 2024 Age Groups Chart (coming soon).
  » U6 co-ed - for players 4 and 5 years old
  » U8B and U8G - separate boys and girls teams, for players 6 and 7 years old
  » U10B and U10G - separate boys and girls teams, for players 8 and 9 years old
  » U12B and U12G - separate boys and girls teams, for players 10 and 11 years old
  » U14 - co-ed, playing full 11v11 games, for players 12 and 13 years old
  » High School - co-ed, playing full 11v11 games, for players 14 to 18 years old
  » VIP - special needs players
  » Smart Start Soccer - ages 3 to 5 with parent/adult participation (see the SMART START menu for more info)

Click here for detailed 2024 season info, broken out by PAL division.

Registration Information for the 2024 Season
Online registration begins earlier this season - May 4th, 2024 - and ends earlier than normal - June 29th.  We highly encourage you to sign up online!  Just click the REGISTER link on this website anytime between May 4th and June 29th.  Payment for online registration must be done via credit or debit card.

In-person registration is Saturday, June 29th from 9:00am to noon at Niceville City Hall.  In-person registration should only be for situations that require special attention.

» Click here for the 2024 Registration Flyer
» Click here for the 2024 PAL Registration Handout

Registration is going to work a little different in 2024.  When registration begins, the maximum number of players that can be registered will be capped based on an expected number of teams that can be formed with the number of coaches we anticipate volunteering.  Additional registrations after the cap has been met will be added to a wait list.  As additional coaches volunteer, additional teams will be formed and players will be removed from the wait list.

The initial number of registrations that will be accepted are:
  » U6 Coed = 120 registrations, based on 10 teams of 12 players
  » U8 Boys = 88 registrations, based on 8 teams of 11 players
  » U8 Girls = 88 registrations, based on 8 teams of 11 players
  » U10 Boys = 72 registrations, based on 6 teams of 12 players
  » U10 Girls = 72 registrations, based on 6 teams of 12 players
  » U12 Boys = 48 registrations, based on 4 teams of 12 players
  » U12 Girls = 48 registrations, based on 4 teams of 12 players
  » U14 Coed and HS = no caps, as the player/coach ratios are usually not an issue

For example, within U8 Boys, the first 88 registrations will be accepted with no waitlist as they will make up the players that can be assigned to the 8 teams we expect to be able to initially form.  Registrations 89 and above will be added to a waitlist.  When we get a 9th head coach to volunteer and complete their training requirements, we can form a 9th team and 11 registrations will be activated from the wait list, in the order that they registered (this includes the volunteering coach's player(s) of course).  Please note that teams are NOT being formed during this process - PAL is simply activating registrations based on the number of teams that eventually will be formed.  Teams will still be formed using the random assignment process required by our parent organization, SAY Soccer.

By limiting registrations and utilizing a waitlist that is managed based on the number of volunteer coaches, PAL aims to avoid the biggest issue from recent seasons - too many players and not enough volunteer coaches.

Registration fees for the 2024 season remain the same as for 2023:
  » U6 = $60; the $20 fee difference reflects that U6 coaches referee their own games
  » U8, U14 and HS = $80
  » U10 and U12 = $90; the extra $10 fee covers additional PAL expended for the end-of-season playoffs
  » Smart Start = $20
  » Each registration (online, mail-in or in-person) will have a $3 service charge per session from Sports Connect.
        "Per session" means if you register one player during a single website session there is a $3 charge.  If you register three players all in
        the same website session, there is only one $3 charge.  If you register multiple players in separate website sessions, there will be a $3
        per session.  In-person registration will also incur the $3 charge because players ultimately are registered in Sports Connect.

If you would like to sponsor a team for the 2023 season or know of a business who would like to sponsor a team, please see our Sponsorship Form on the SPONSORS page.

2024 Season Calendar (tentative)
» Online registration begins May 4th
» One in-person registration event on June 29th at the Niceville City Hall, from 9:00am to 12:00pm
» Coaches meeting on Saturday, August 10th at the Niceville Community Center
» Referee training on Saturday, August 10th; classroom training 12:30 to 3:00pm, outside training 3:00 to 5:00pm
» Practice begins the week of August 12th for U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and HS (see details below)
» Games for U6, U8, U14, HS and VIP divisions on Saturdays from September 7th through October 26th
» Games for U10 and U12 divisions on Saturdays from September 7th through October 12th
» Playoffs for U10 and U12 divisions on weeknights from October 14th to 24th (3 to 5 additional games)
» Start Start Soccer season runs from September 17th through October 24th.  See the SMART START menu for more info.

Practice Schedules
Your player will be assigned to a team in early August.  At the Coaches Meeting on August 10th, each head coach will choose their days/times for practices.  U6 teams have one practice per week and U8 and above have two practices per week.  Practices can be any weekday (only at Twin Oaks on Wednesday) at either 5:00pm, 6:00pm or 7:00pm (U6 will not practice at 7:00pm).  Until the coaches meeting, there is no way to know what days/times your player will have practice.  Additionally, PAL does not switch players between teams based on practice schedules.  With over 1,000 players each season, it would be impossible to accommodate team switching, especially since uniforms order have already been placed by that time.  The ability to affect your practice schedule is one of the main benefits of being a PAL volunteer coach.

Other Important Information for the PAL 2024 Season
» Click here for the 2024 PAL Rules and Regulations
» Click here for the 2024 Pairing Request
   Used to pair players of coaches and/or sponsors on the same team for all divisions except U6
» Click here for the 2024 Pairing Request for U6
   Used to pair players on the same team for the U6 division
» Click here for the 2024 Special Request
   Used to request a player to "play up" or "down" an age division or for other special requests
» Click here for the 2024 PAL Sponsorship Form
» Click here (coming soon) for a list of PAL Sponsors and Uniform Colors
» Click here for the 2024 PAL Field Layouts and Locations
   - The Niceville Rec Center address is 200 Campbell Drive, behind City Hall and the Niceville Library (look for the water tower).
   - The Howard Hill Soccer Complex at Twin Oaks address is 601 Highway 85 N, at the intersection of Hwy 85 and College Boulevard.

2024 Photos
Shot In Focus Portrait Studio will be taking individual pictures on dates to be determined, most likely at the Niceville Community Center.  Please ensure your player shows up for pictures, which will be used to Photoshop team pictures for the sponsors’ plaques.  Individual and team pictures will be available for purchase from Shot In Focus but parents do not have to buy any.  Shot In Focus can be reached at 850-629-9843.

Concession Stand
PAL will not operate concession stands at the game fields during the 2024 season.  Parents and coaches will need to ensure they plan ahead to bring with them everything they need for games, especially water and other hydration, as they will not be available for purchase at the fields.

Additional parent and player resources
» Parent Code of Conduct
» Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet
» Uniform Sizing Chart
» Soccer ball sizes:
VIP/U6/U8: Size 3
U10/U12: Size 4
U14/U16/U19: Size 5
» Required and Recommended Equipment
» Prohibited Equipment
» SAY Return to Play (2022 version)
    This form is required for a player to return after being removed for concussion symptoms.  SAY Soccer rules require written authorization
    from a physician or other licensed medical professional before an athlete may return to play after exhibiting concussion symptoms that
    cause that athlete to be removed from the field.