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Niceville PAL Soccer League


Coaching Requirements, Education and Application
To be a PAL Soccer coach, the first - and most important - thing you need to do is to volunteer on this website!
     a.  Login into your account, click on the VOLUNTEER tab on the left, then click the blue FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES button
     b.  Follow the process for the division and position you're volunteering for.

Once you have volunteered to coach, you'll need to complete some training and a background check.  There are three training courses to complete - SafeSport, concussion, and an intro to soccer course.  The document linked below provides details on everything you need to accomplish.  The sooner you start, the better; you are not officially accepted as a PAL coach for 2024 until all training and background check requirements are completed.
     Click here (2024_pal_coach_instructions.docx) to access the 2024 coach training and background check instructions

There is no cost to coaches for this training.  If you choose to complete one of the optional advanced soccer courses such as 4v4 or 7v7, PAL will reimburse the $25 fee.  If you encounter any request for payment while completing training, contact the PAL Coaching Administrator.

PAL 2024 Season Information
The following is important information for coaches regarding the 2024 season, including rules and the information handout.  Coaches will need to go over this information with their players and parents.

» Click here for the 2024 PAL rules    *** important
» Click here (coming soon) for the 2024 PAL Soccer League Coaches Guide and General Information
» Click here (coming soon) for the 2024 PAL sponsor list and uniform color chart
» Click here for the 2024 PAL field layouts and locations
» Click here (coming soon) for instructions about downloading and using the MOJO app
» Click here (coming soon) for notes from the Coaches' Clinic

Coaching Philosophy

» PAL Code of Ethics
    PAL asks you to read and abide by this Code of Ethics while you coach for us.

» Philosophy and the Spirit of the Game
    An excerpt from the Introduction to the Laws of the Game, 2018 version (but still relevant)

Coaching Resources

» The Challenger Way 2020 (PDF)
    PAL, through our relationship with Challenger Sports, has access to The Challenger Way.  
    The Challenger Way provides many resources to coaches and parents of soccer players.

» Progressive Soccer Coaching - from Challenger Sports (PDF)
    A guide to progressive coaching in youth soccer.  Over 70 unopposed, opposed and game-related soccer practices.

» SafeSport Training
    All PAL coaches must have current (annual) SafeSport training on-file in order to be a coach for the 2022 season.
    SAY Soccer requires all administrative board members and coaches to complete the online Safesport training, which includes
    sexual misconduct awareness, emotional and physical misconduct, and mandatory reporting.

    The SafeSport includes initial training and annual refreshers. That means all coaches will complete some form of SafeSport each year.

    This information from SAY Soccer includes the SafeSport training web address and key that allows the training to be accomplished for free.
     SAY Soccer SafeSport Training 2022

» Concussion Training
    All PAL coaches must complete annual concussion training.  The SAY National Concussion policy iequires a FREE online training course.
    ALL coaches and referees MUST complete this training course prior to participating in the any SAY activity whether it be a practice or a
    game situation. There are two approved options for the FREE online training program consists of two approved options:

The FIRST APPROVED OPTION is provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports –
    What You Need to Know, which can be found at
    This online course will require you to click on the "order here” button to begin the training.

The SECOND APPROVED OPTION is through the Center for Disease Control and their Prevention Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports
    Online training program, which is at
    Click on the online training course button to begin your training.

    Be sure to print off your concussion certificate and submit it to the PAL Director of Coaching.

» Pairing Request Form can be found on the 2024 SEASON page
   Used to pair players of coaches and/or sponsors on the same team for all divisions except U6.

» U6 Pairing Request Form can be found on the 2024 SEASON page
   Used to pair players on the same team for the U6 division.