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Niceville PAL Soccer League


BayArea Awards Tournament - the end-of-season tournament for PAL U10 and U12 divisions runs from October 26th to November 7th.  Click here for the current brackets and results.

Coaching Requirements, Education and Application

Click here for comprehensive information about 2020 coaching requirements and application instructions.
Please complete the requirements prior to volunteering online or during in-person registration.
If you are volunteering to be a VIP coach, click here for requirements and instructions (they are slightly different than non-VIP)

PAL 2020 Season Information
The following is important information for coaches regarding the 2019 season, including rules and the information handout.  Coaches will need to go over this information with their players and parents.
» Click here for the 2020 PAL Soccer game protocols that will be in effect for all games     *** important
Click here for the 2020 PAL Soccer League Coaches Guide and General Information     *** important
» Click here for the 2020 PAL sponsor list and uniform color chart
» Click here for the the PAL rules for the 2020 season     *** important
» Click here for field layouts and locations for the 2020 season.
» Click here for the 2020 PAL Registration Handout.

Coaching Philosophy

» PAL Code of Ethics
   PAL asks you to read and abide by this Code of Ethics while you coach for us.

» Philosophy and the Spirit of the Game
   An excerpt from the Introduction to the Laws of the Game, 2018 version (but still relevant)

Coaching Resources
» The Challenger Way 2020 (PDF).  PAL, through our relationship with Challenger Sports, has access to The Challenger Way.  The Challenger Way provides many resources to coaches and parents of soccer players.
» Pairing Request Form.  Used to pair players of coaches and/or sponsors on the same team for all divisions except U6.
» U6 Pairing Request Form.  Used to pair players on the same team for the U6 division.