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JCAA Girls Basketball League

Rules and Regulations


  1. League Administration


The Johnston County Athletic Association board of directors will administer the league.


The league administration reserves the right to make any changes they deem necessary at any time.


  1. Player Eligibility


All age groups will be based on the player’s age as of December 31st, 2018.


Age groups will be as follows:            8u        7 & 8 years old

                                                            10u      9 & 10 years old

                                                            12u      11 & 12 years old

                                                            15u      13 - 15 years old


  1. Playing Rules


National Federation of High School Rules will be used with the following exceptions:


All games will start at scheduled time.  There will be no grace periods.


Games will consist of four 8-minute quarters with a running clock.  The clock will only stop on free throws and timeouts.  Halftime will be 4 minutes.  A regulation clock (stopping on all dead ball situations) will be used the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half only.  Clock will stop on free throws once it is determined that a shooting foul has occurred-not once players are lined up on the lane for the free throw.


Coaches may substitute at any dead ball but game will be stopped as close to 4 minutes as possible each quarter to allow subs to enter the game.


Each team will be allowed 3 timeouts per game. Each team will receive 1 additional time out per each overtime period.  Coaches may call timeout from the bench.  Timeouts not used during regulation will carry over into overtime.


All overtime periods shall be 2-minutes in duration and a regulation clock will be used.  One overtime period shall be used during regular season play.   If after that the game is still tied it will remain a tie.


The Bonus (1 and 1) shall begin on the opposing teams 7th foul of each half.  The double bonus (2 free throws) shall begin on the opposing teams 10th foul.


Each player will be allowed five personal fouls before becoming disqualified from the game


Each area shall be responsible for obtaining competent officials.  Booking agents shall be approved by JCAA Board of Directors.


Substitutes must report to the scorer’s table before entering the game.


It is mandatory that all players present play half the game (16 minutes).  If a player is not going to play due to injury or disciplinary reason, the officials, opposing coach, gym supervisor, and players parent(s) must be notified prior to the start of the game.  If a team has more than 10 players, players must play equal amounts.


Each team must have a minimum of 4 players present to begin game.


Two technical fouls on a coach or player in one game will result in ejection from that game plus one game suspension.  More severe penalties may be evoked by the league if actions warrant it.  When a coach or player is ejected he/she must leave facility immediately.  Not doing so will result in his/her forfeiting game.  A second ejection in the same season will result in termination from league.


Technical fouls will count as a personal and team foul.


Basket Height:                        8u                    8.5 ft

                                    10u, 12u, 14u              10 ft


Free Throw Line:        8u                                10 ft

                                    10u                              12ft

                                    12u, 14u                      15ft

*Free throw line will be measured from the backboard being used


Lane Violations:          8u & 10u                     5 seconds

                                    12u & 14u                   3 seconds

*The lane is considered up to the free throw line being used


Ball Size:                     8U & 10U                   27.5

                                    12U & 15U                 28.5


Defense Rules:            8u                                Must play defense inside the 3-point  arc (both feet must be inside)


                                    10u & 12u                   May not apply pressure on the ball  (must remain behind 10' volleyball line) until possession                                                                          is established in the front court.  Both feet and ball must be in front court for possession                                                                               to be established.  May press full court last two minutes of 4th quarter and overtime periods.


                                    15u                              May play full court defense at any time.


If a team leads by 15 points they may not play backcourt defense, must play defense inside the 3-point arc, & they may not fast break


On a free throw players in lane spaces are allowed to enter the lane upon release of the ball.  Shooter and players behind three point line are required to wait until ball hits rim.  3 players will be allowed to lineup on each side of the lane in all age groups.


Teams (8u, 10u, &12u) will receive one warning in each half for playing backcourt defense.  A second and any other violation of the backcourt defense rule in the same half will result in a technical foul.


Players are not allowed to play for multiple communities within our league.


Teams will be allowed to farm up players from a younger age group within their community if needed.  When farming up you will only be allowed to have a maximum of 6 players.  The players being farmed up are not allowed to play more time than a player on the original roster.


Home site must supply a warmup ball for visiting team


Special Rules for 8U:


One official may be used for this age group.


A coach from each team may be on the floor to instruct the girls, but they shall not physically position a player while the ball is live or in play.


No 3-point shot (shots made from beyond 3-point arc will only count for 2 points).


There shall be no fast breaks.  The defensive team must be inside the arc before offensive team can attempt to score.


There shall be no 10 second backcourt penalty.


At all times the offensive team must be making a considerate effort towards the basket with the intent on scoring.  At no time, may the offensive team hold the ball outside the reaches of the defensive team in a deliberate attempt to run out the clock.  If in the referee’s judgment, the offensive team is deliberately holding the ball, then the game will be stopped with the ball going to the possession of the defensive team.

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