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RAA Basketball Rules & Guidelines

Rosewood Athletic Association

Basketball Rules and Guidelines


League administration

  The Rosewood Athletic Association Board of Directors will administer the Basketball League.

Coach and Team Responsibilities:

·         All Coaches are expected to follow sportsmanship and code of conduct policy per by laws.

·         Coaching should be tailored to skill development.

·         Teams are expected to practice at scheduled practice times.

·         Teams are expected to be in place at least 15 minutes prior to game starting.

·         Coaches who coach a final game of that day are expected to help clean up gym.

·         Each Head Coach & 1 Asst. Coach will receive a pass to get into games, at any time, at no cost. 

·         6u coaches (1 per team) will be on the floor with their team during play.


Rules of the Game

Player eligibility

·    All age groups will be based on the player’s age as of August 1, 2019.  Girl's age groups will be based on the player's age as of December 31, 2019. Note that age groups may be changed in an effort to allow the most kids to play.

Age groups are as follows:

     6U (coed)            5-6        years old           
     8U (boys & girls) 7-8        years old 
   10U  (boys & girls)9-10      years old 
12U (girls)            11-12     years old 
13U (boys)           11-13     years old
   15U (girls)            13-15     years old


Playing Rules

·   National Federation of High School Rules will be used with the following exceptions:

·         All games will start at scheduled time. There will be no grace periods

·         All games will be played as scheduled. No games will be rescheduled unless approved by the RAA board of directors.

·         Each team must have a minimum of 4 players unless a 3 on 3 man league is formed.

·         Games will consist of four 8-Minute quarters with a running clock. ( it is recommended that players are substituted in at the 4 minute mark if possible to let players rest and ensure player participation). The clock will only stop on free throws and timeouts. 1 minute between quarters.   Halftimes will be 3 minutes.  Regulation clock (stopping the clock on all dead ball situations) will be used the last 3 minutes of the second half only. Clock will stop for free throws once it is determined it was a shooting foul.

·         Each team has 4 timeouts per game. These can be carried over from 1st half to 2nd half.

·          All overtime periods shall be 3 minutes in duration and a regulation clock will be used. There will be only 1 overtime period during regular season play.

·         The bonus (1 and 1) will be used on the opposing team’s 7th foul of each half. Double bonus (2 shots) will be used on the team’s 10th foul. (Clock will stop)

·         Each player will be disqualified once they receive 5 fouls.

·         2 technical fouls on a coach or player will result in ejection (must leave facility immediately) from that game plus a one game suspension. More severe penalties may be evoked by the RAA board if actions warrant it. Any other technical foul during the rest of the season will result in termination from league for the rest of the season.

·         Technical fouls will count as a personal foul and a team foul.

·         All players must play at least ½ of each game.  If a player is not to play due to injury or disciplinary reasons, the officials, opposing coach, RAA supervisor and player’s parents must be notified.  If a team has more than 10 players, each player must play an equal amount of time.


Ball Sizes:

    6U, 8U girls and 10U girls = junior (27.5 inches)

    8U boys, 10U boys and 12U girls = youth or women's (28.5 inches)

    13U boys =regulation size (29.5 inches)


Basket Height:                 

6U & 8U                                       8.5 ft.

10U & 13U                                  10ft.


Free Throw line:         

6U                                         10ft.  

8U & 10U                              12ft.  

13U                                       15 ft.


Lane violation:                   

6U & 8U                     5 seconds (6U coaches should use discretion)

10U & 13U                 3 seconds

(Note: free throw line is different for 10U and younger)


Defense Rules:


·         Must play defense inside 3 pt. arc.


·         Must play defense inside 3 pt. arc except during the last 4 minutes of both halves and overtime periods. At that time teams may ½ court press and fast breaks will also be allowed, unless they have a 15 point lead, at which time they can no longer fast break and must play defense inside the 3 point arc.

·         No team will “hold” the ball in a deliberate attempt to “run out the clock”. Official may stop game and give ball to defending team if he or she determines this is taking place.


·          May play a ½ court defense at any time and fast breaks are allowed.

·          May press full court during last 4 minutes of each half and all of overtime periods.

·         If any team leads by 15 or more points they must play defense inside the 3 point arc, and fast breaks will not be allowed.


·         Will play High School Rules unless there is a 15 point lead, at which time they can no longer fast break and must play defense inside the 3 point arc.



Offensive rules and points of emphasis:

10U and 13U

·         May fast break at any time, except if leading by 15 or more points, as stated above. If team attempts fast break, defensive team may play defense against offensive team until they stop trying to fast break.

 3-point shot:     

·         6U and 8U teams will not use 3 point shot scoring

·         10U and 13U will use 3 point shot scoring        






Free throw emphasis:

·         Players in free throw lane spaces can enter lane once shot leaves shooter’s hands. However, shooter and anyone above the free throw line extended cannot go lower than the free throw line extended until ball hits goal area.


Number of Officials for each Age Group:

·         6U will not have officials. Coaches will be on court with their team guiding and directing and officiating as needed.

·         All other age groups will have 2 officials per game.


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