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What are the positives to this alliance with Rio Rapids SC?

Based on our conversations with other clubs in the alliance things we can look forward to are:

  • The quality of player has increased

  • Better player retention

  • Preseason showcase tournaments

  • Being  connected to a larger family with Rio Rapids, Colorado Rapids, and other clubs in the alliance

  • Raised  expectations of club staff, coaches, and teams.

  • Access to online materials

  • College search support for older players

  • Coach education materials

  • Consistency in curriculum

  • Extra player training opportunities

  • Support with coach sessions where they can go to ABQ

  • Visits from ABQ Director (Coach ed night classroom and field)

  • Rapids symposium during the summer.

  • “Let us Play” (Parent education)

When does this go into effect?

This goes into effect September of 2018 with access to Rio Rapids Soccer Club (RRSC) resources. Also, Chris Hurst from Rio Rapids will start working with our Directors, coaches, and Board of Directors in September 2018.  We have plans in place for him to meet with the Directors of Coaching and the Board of Directors on September 23rd, and to meet with our Technical Director and to run our Coach Education training on September 24th.

Why the Rio Rapids?

The Rio Rapids SC organization has similar goals and values as Durango Youth Soccer Association (DYSA). They are geographically close, but what matters most is the clubs are a good match – we share the same values, goals and philosophies on youth soccer development. The two organizations were a natural fit when you look at them matched up with our focus on character, community, commitment, competition, and overall player development.

What’s in it for them (The Rio Rapids)?

Involvement with grassroots development of the sport is very important to the Rio Rapids SC. They are equally committed to providing a quality experience and product to all levels of players. Their platform provides an environment where less committed players can still play and enjoy the game at a level appropriate to their abilities.Through the Rio Rapids SC alliance with the Colorado Rapids we will be able to provide a clear path for the player to the top of the sport, both on the boys and girls side even though we are not in an MLS market.

Is this really just a marketing exercise for Rio Rapids?

Rio Rapids SC bring experience in this type of alliance. We already have access to curriculum, player tracking and evaluation forms as well as other resources already in use throughout their player development system. Other resources such as coach and parent education materials and presentations are also already in use. Rio Rapids have also contractually committed to working with us in Durango multiple times per year. This is more than a paper relationship.

Did Rio Rapids “buy us”? Are they “sponsoring” us?

No. Rio Rapids did not purchase us. The agreement we have reached is a long-term strategic affiliation to work together to better develop soccer players in our area. We will continue to operate as a separate entity with our own bylaws, articles of incorporation and Board of Directors.

What is the Adidas Alliance?

The Rio Rapids SC is a member of the Adidas Alliance that was established to create a working relationship between existing youth soccer clubs that will benefit soccer development through shared resources. As a member of the Adidas Alliance, Rio Rapids Durango SC players will have direct access to the Rapids Development Academy through visible scouting, coaching and curriculum ties.

Will Rio Rapids be involved in our day-to-day operations?

Our day-to-day operations will continue in the same way. Rio Rapids administrative staff will not actively be involved in our customer service or business processes. We do look forward to sharing best practices in back-office operations and parent education and hope to learn from them as we move forward.

Does it affect the jobs of any of our staff members?

There are no impacts to current roles at the club.

Is there an Increase in fees?

Fees will not increase for the first year. After that there will be a minimal increase in cost to our membership, and will utilize any additional revenue generated through the alliance to keep fee impact to a minimum. The small increase in fees will be more than offset by the resources available to us.

Will players get an opportunity to go to Albuquerque or Denver to train?

If your player is identified they will get opportunities to go to Albuquerque and or Denver to train. There are still logistics to work out, but our intention is to expand the volume of players that have an opportunity to travel for this unique experience.

This sounds great for the “elite” player, but what about the rest of our players?

In short, when our coaching staff improves through additional professional development opportunities, the experience for all of our players improves. Our coaches will have resources and training opportunities available to them through this agreement that will enhance the experience for all of our players. This will create training and competitive opportunities for every level of player.

My child is not an elite player. Why should I care about this?

From a soccer-focused perspective, we will be utilizing the Rio Rapids coaching curriculum and session guides for all players. New resources and access to best practices now available to us will enable us to continue striving to make our development soccer experience the best it can be. Rio coaches will be involved with all our coaches.

Will we need to purchase new uniforms this year?

No, not for the Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 season. All members are required to purchase the new Rio Rapids Durango Soccer Club uniform kit for the Fall of 2019 - Spring 2020 season. Per our contract with Adidas we are required to purchase a new uniform kit for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 season and every two years after.  The club is exploring ways to offset the initial uniform costs.

How will it impact the club name?

We are very proud of the Durango Youth Soccer Association name. The name of the club however is just a name that represents a culture, community and philosophy. We are proud and excited to become the Rio Rapids Durango SC and extend our community. The process of sharing and evolving our culture/philosophy will be an exciting process for coaches, players and parents.

What do we do with our old gear?

Until the next uniform cycle, you’ll need to continue wearing it! Once we replace our kits, you may want to keep pieces for nostalgic purposes. However, we have been long-supporters of gear donation to folks who are in need of uniforms, shin guards, cleats and balls. We will continue to support these efforts and we look forward to providing many opportunities in the coming years to give all of your gear a new life with kids and communities that need it!

What are our new colors? What will our team names be?

The primary colors of the new logo are burgundy, blue and grey. Our home jerseys will be burgundy and away jerseys will be white.

Will our kids still play in the current leagues or will you be moving into a new league?

This new alliance won’t affect the playing division of your child’s team.

What is a “Homegrown player”? Are our US Academy players considered Homegrown Players for the Colorado Rapids?

Major League Soccer has created the homegrown player rule to create a clear path from amateur soccer to the professional league while retaining the rights to the players they help develop. The Colorado Rapids identifies their Academy’s top players in each age group as Homegrown Players after spending 12 months following specific curriculum. A Homegrown Player who is talented enough to play in MLS will now have the ability to sign a Generation Adidas contract for his hometown club and not be placed in the MLS SuperDraft. Our players will now be considered in this pool of players for consideration and evaluation.

Check out the video from the Colorado Rapids, Director of Soccer Development, welcoming Durango Youth Soccer to the Colorado Rapids family.
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