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2018 Roy Gayle Fall Ball Rules

All League Basic Rules Pinto thru Pony

1.     Good sportsmanship will be enforced at all times. Managers, coaches, players, fans and parents will be expected to act in a positive manner. Violators will be ejected from the grounds, and or permanent removal from the league they are participating in.  Team managers are held responsible for the conduct of their team and supporters. Any player that is ejected from a game will be subject to a 2 game suspension for first offense and removal from the fall program for any offense after that. The ejected player’s team will take an “out” for that player’s batting spot every time during the contest when that batter comes up.

2.     6 run limit per half inning in all divisions. 

3.     2 baseballs will be supplied by Roy Gayle one new and one used.  Team’s players and spectators must help with foul balls.  In the event balls are lost the home team will provide a “good” used ball to be returned after the game if not lost. This rule changes only at the Pony level see below for specific league rule.

4.     Starting lineups will consist of all number of players who are present (Ex. If 15 players show up, then 15 players must bat straight through)

5.     No player shall sit 2 innings in a row, unless an injury occurs during the game.

6.     Free substitution is permitted

7.     In the event of a player injury or leaving the game early the player’s spot in the lineup is simply skipped and not recorded as an out.

8.     Teams may begin a game with 8 players.

9.     If players show up during the game, they will be placed at the bottom of the lineup.  In the event a team should not be able to able to field a complete team – for lack of players – the team may borrow players from the opposing team.

10.   Mandatory courtesy runner for the catcher when there are 2 outs. Use the last batter that was out for the runner.

11.   All games are on a “drop dead” 1 hour 30min time limit. NO EXCEPTIONS NO EXTENSIONS. There will be no slaughter rule in affect for fall ball.

12.   No pets, smoking, alcohol or firearms are allowed in or on Roy Gayle grounds.

13.   Concessions stand will be open during games.

14.   More than 3 rainouts for a specific team will result in the possibility of make-up games to be played on Mondays if available.

15.   In the event of a rain out the league will notify manager through a text message system and or email/social media. Managers are responsible for contacting players and parents during inclement weather.

a.     Home team will have 1st base dugout
b.     There will be one sanctioned umpire for Mustang, Bronco and Pony.
c.      Standings will not be kept.
d.     Protests will not be permitted.
e.     Umpire decisions are final.
f.       Mustang, Bronco and Pony leagues play a max of 7 innings, Pinto will max out at 6 innings.

Pinto Specific Rules

Please refer to the current rules on the Roy Gayle website.  All normal league rules will be in effect, unless specified on this list.

Mustang Specific Rules

1.     There are no walks.  On a player pitched ball four the coach for the hitting team will take the mound and deliver 3 pitches to the batter.  If the batter fouls off the 2nd or 3rd pitch he will keep receiving pitches until he /she strikes out or puts the ball in play.

2.     Runners may not lead off bases and may not steal until the ball has crossed home plate, the player may only steal 2nd and 3rd. Players cannot go home on balls past the catcher.  However, in the event of a play at 3rd runners may advance to home.  A play at third shall be defined as a thrown ball to 3rd base in an attempt to retire the runner on third base. If a ball is thrown out of play it is a dead ball and all runners can advance one base.

3.     Batters may not advance to first base on a dropped strike three.

4.     Bunting off the coach pitched balls is not allowed.

5.     Please refer to the current Mustang League rules on the Roy Gayle website.  All normal league rules will be in effect. Unless specified on this list.

Bronco Specific Rules

Please refer to the current Bronco League Rules on the Roy Gayle website. All normal league rules will be in effect, unless specified on this list.

Pony Specific Rules

1.     The league will supply Pony games only with 3 baseballs.  1 new and 2 used.  In the event of a lost ball the home team will provide a “good” used ball that may be returned after the game if not lost.

2.     Metal baseball cleats are allowed.

3.     Please refer to the current Pony League Rules on the Roy Gayle website. All normal league rules will be in effect, unless specified on this list.

Pitching Rules for Mustang thru Pony Divisions

1.     2 inning pitch limit per game. No more than 4 innings per week.

2.     1 pitch = 1 inning

3.     5 warm up pitch limit between innings.  If a new pitcher takes over in the middle of an inning that pitcher is allowed a few more minutes of warm up time to loosen their arm up.

4.     Managers can choose to change pitchers at any time during the game.

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