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Hard Core Fitness, LLC

Fitness is our passion

 Hard Core Fitness was born out of a desire to use my education and certifications in the fitness world to help my own kids and their friends to become better athletes, build coordination, learn teamwork, and grow in confidence. As a mom of four active sons, I understand the importance of keeping kids moving! 

In 2005, I started training a group of kids in speed, agility, and quickness to improve their performance on the field and court.  Their coaches began asking what we had done to improve their footwork and abilities so much so quickly.  That brought further opportunities to work with students and adults of all ages.  I found that I started seeing not only established athletes, but also many kids who did not play organized sports who just loved the opportunities they had in our classes to learn so many skills.  With requests coming from all over the area, I hired additional trainers who love fitness and working with kids as much as I do and we have expanded to four school districts with a large team of lead certified trainers and additional coaches, as well. 

We now offer many different types of training: Basketball Skills, Athletic Training, Indoor Soccer, Dane Movement Fusion, Fun with Sports and Games, Football-Inspired Games, Dodge Ball, and more!

We have seen so many improvements in our students over the years--physically, emotionally and mentally.  We have watched many of our students become great athletes and many others develop a love of physical activities.  Working with the students in our schools is incredibly rewarding. Thank you for entrusting your children to us for their fitness training!

Stacey Friesen, Hard Core Fitness Owner