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WELCOME to Roy Gayle Baseball Softball for 2019!!!

If you clicked this link, you are probably looking for information about signing up for the 2019 season.  You are in the correct place!!  Here's some information to help you through the process.

Remember that you are signing up your child for a certain division within our program. It is understood that he/she will remain with the team of his placement for as long as he is in this division.

***IF YOU ARE A NEW PARENT TO ROY GAYLE - To register for Roy Gayle you will first need to “register” yourself on this Blue Sombrero website. Like most sites you need to establish a username & password. We would suggest that you use your email as a username and then whatever password you wish. You will want to remember this. The website will have game results and standings, the place you go to make payments to your account, and will be used for registration EVERY year your child plays at Roy Gayle.  In addition, each team could create its own website including photos. You will want access to all this and much more!!!

The website will ask you for “participant” info. This is where you enter your child’s information. Most of that info is the same as your info. One of the things you enter is the birthdate of your child. The site uses that information to offer you “events” for which you can register.

Right now, the "event" you are looking for is “Roy Gayle Pony Baseball Softball 2019”.
Click on that option. At that point, you will be offered a baseball or softball division.

85% of you will only see one option for leagues, but 15% of you will see two options. For you 15% - that happens because your child has a birthdate between May 1 and August 31 AND your child would normally be registering in the older age bracket of a division. If you do see two leagues, then you have your choice. With one choice, your child will be one of the youngest players in the older age group - with the other choice they will be one of the oldest in the younger age group. It is your choice.

( 1)  You will be asked if you wish to Volunteer.  We are asking for “volunteer” Managers.    We are also asking for Asst. Coaches but realize that the team Manager will actually select the coaches. If you are a Manager and the Player Agent has accepted you then go ahead and “volunteer” as a Manager. If the Manager has already ask you to be an Asst. Coach, go ahead and "volunteer" for that.
But click the box by the "not at this time" if you are not ready to volunteer right now.
( 2)   At one point you will be asked if there is anything you wish to share about your child's placement.  Enter anything you wish in that box.

At the end of the process, you will pay for your child with a credit card (sorry Discover & Amer. Express does NOT work).
You may pay as much as you would like – the entire fee if you wish!
But registering for 2019 can be done with only a down payment of $25.00.
You may come back as often as you wish to make payments. Paying $10 each month might be perfect for your family!! But the entire fee MUST be paid by March 1, 2019. Registrations made after March 1 need a down payment of at least $40 and should be paid in full as soon as possible.

The down payment of $25 (or $40) is NON-REFUNDABLE. Fees paid beyond the $25 (or $40) may be refunded if you change your mind. 

Hopefully that takes care of most questions.  Time to go up to the "Register" box and start the process ("Log-In" if you have a Blue Sombrero account).  If you have any questions at any time, feel free to email us at [email protected] 


Player Fee after March 1, 2019
Division Player Fee
Shetland Coed (5-6) $ 110 $130
Shetland Coed (5-6) NEW Player $ 85 $85
Pinto Coed (7 & 8) $ 130 $150
Mustang Baseball (9 & 10) $ 165 $185
Bronco Baseball (11 & 12) $ 170 $190
Pony Baseball (13 & 14) $ 170 $190
Mustang Softball (8,9,10) $ 165 $185
Mustang Softball (8,9,10) NEW Player $ 110 $110
Bronco Softball (11 & 12) $ 170 $190
Pony Softball (13 & 14) $ 170 $190
Late Fee of $20 will be added to all unpaid accounts on March 1, 2019

FAMILY DISCOUNTS TOO!!!  1st Player = full price;

All additional family members receive $10 discount.

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903 S. Meridian Rd. 
Rockford, Illinois 61102

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 815-670-0756
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