If I have an issue, who should I contact in order to resolve it?
FFLL is a volunteer run organization so it is important to resolve issues at the lowest level possible.  Parents should always take issues to their respective team's manager.  If the issue involves the team manager, you should elevate the issue to the FFLL Player Agent. The last step to take if an issue is not resolved is to take it to the FFLL Board.
How much is registration and what is included?
Registration fees vary for each division.  When you register in November and December you receive 10% off! Current fees are: Teeball- $80, Minors A- $110, Minors AA- $150, Minors AAA- $170, Majors- $170 and Juniors- $170.  Registration includes a jersey and hat.  Players will be responsible to purchase their pants, belt, and socks. The team manager will let players know what color for these items.  Registration fees are applied toward team equipment, park and field permit use fees, field maintenance, charter fees, insurance, volunteer background checks, player uniforms, and other operating expenses.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes! The first child's registration is full fee and every additional child receives $20 off their registration.  However, there is not discount for TeeBall siblings. Also, no sibling discounts are offered during Fall Ball season(s).
What is the refund policy?
NO refunds will be given after the drafts have been made for the SPRING season, unless there is a medical reason for which a child cannot play. In which case, a doctors note must be provided.
NO refunds will be given after September 1st for the Fall Ball season, unless there is a medical reason for which a child cannot play. In which case, a doctors note must be provided.
What equipment will my child need?
All players must wear baseball cleats or turf shoes during practices and games.  No metal cleats are allowed.  Male Players will need to wear a cup at all practices and games.  (Yes, even Tee Ball players need a cup.)  Players also need a glove.  FFLL provides each team with some helmets to share, but you are welcome to purchase your own. Note: shiny reflective helmets are not permitted per Little League rules.  Also, helmets may not have stickers on them.  You may wish to purchase a personal bat for your player, as well. See next question for bat rules.
What bats are OK to use?
Starting January 1st, 2018, Little League International will adopt the new USABat Standard.  This means that all non-wood baseball bats must be marked with the "USA Baseball" logo. These bats are now available for purchase as of September 1, 2017.  This new standard affects all of Foothill Farms Little League divisions, with a little exception for teeball.  Wooden bats are still OK to use. 
**Any non-wood bats used in previous seasons in the Minor A (Coach Pitch) through Juniors divisions will NOT be legal to use starting in 2018.  Any non-wood bats purchased without the USA Baseball marking will NOT be legal to use starting in 2018.***
This new standard does not apply to teeball bats (26" or shorter).  There is a sticker program where you can purchase a USA Baseball sticker to mark your teeball bat that was purchased before the new rule.  Accompanying that sticker will be text that reads "Only For Use With Approved Tee Balls".  FFLL has these stickers available.
What if I don't live within boundaries, but go to school within boundaries?
Good news! You can still play for FFLL.  You will need to print out a Little League School Enrollment Form to be filled out and signed by your child's school. (See the "Forms" tab )
What are acceptable documents to submit for proof of residency?
There are three groups of documents that are acceptable to show proof of residency.  You must submit at least one document from each group.  Submitting more than one document from the same group of documents counts only as ONE proof or residence.
 Group I Group II Group III
 1. Driver's License 1. Welfare/Child Care Records 1. Voter's Registration
 2. School Records 2. Federal Records
(Federal tax, Social Security, etc.)
 2. Utility Bills
(water/sewer, electric, gas, phone, waste, mobile phone)
 3. Vehicle Records
(registration, lease, etc.)
 3. State Records 3. Financial Records
(loans, credits, investments, etc.)
 4. Employment Records 4. Local (Municipal) Records 4. Medical Records
 5. Insurance Documents 5. Support Payment Records 5. Internet, Cable, or Satellite Records
  6. Homeowner/Tenant Records
7. Military Records

What are the divisions?
TeeBall, ages 4-6 years old
Minors A, ages 6-7 years old
Minors AA, ages 7-8 years old
Minors AAA ages 9-12 years old
Majors ages 11-12 years old
Juniors ages 13-14 years old
Seniors ages 15-16 years old
Reference the Little League Age Determination Chart on our homepage.
How are teams formed?
For Minor A, AA & AAA, Major, and Junior divisions players must attend assessments to be eligible for the draft.  Teams are formed according to Little League draft regulations.  The Tee-Ball to Minors AA divisions are determined by the Player Agent.
When is spring registration? When does the season start and end?
Spring registration usually takes place from the beginning of November to the end of January.  Early bird registration is November to December and a 10% discount is given.  Practices start within the first couple weeks in February. Games run from March to early June. Post season tournament play (All-Stars) runs from mid-June until teams are eliminated.  Exact dates will be released with each new season.
When is fall registration? When does it begin and end?
Fall registration takes place after the finish of the spring season.  It is usually June to August.  Practices usually start at the end of August or beginning of September. Games traditionally start the week after Labor Day and go until the end of October.
Where and when are practices and games?
Practice days and times are determined by the managers.  Once teams are formed, your coach will contact you to inform you of your practice days and times.  Practice fields include Robert Frost Park (4715 Robert Frost Way, Sacramento, CA 95842) and Pioneer Park (5100 Verner Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841).  Games are held at Robert Frost Park, Pioneer Park, and possibly other parks TBD if necessary to inter-league.
During the spring season, there are usually 1-2 practices a week and about 1-2 games a week, as well. Every team will almost always have a game on Saturdays.
What are the responsibilities of the managers, coaches, team parents, and parents/guardians?
A manager, or head coach, is the person who coordinates all team practices and games.  Managers are responsible for the team equipment and ensuring that all players, parents and other spectators, and coaches abide by the rules of the game and our Code of Conduct.  Managers are the first contact for parents for any issues that may arise during the season.  They communicate those issues to the FFLL board members. Managers select their coaches, scorekeeper, and team parent after their team is drafted.  Managers must attend a coach's clinic, an umpire clinic, and information meeting at the beginning of the season.
Coaches assist the manager with practices and games.  Each manager is only allowed to have up to two additional assistant coaches in the dugout for Minor AAA-Juniors, and three assistant coaches for Tball-Minor AA.  Coaches must attend the coach's clinic and information meeting at the beginning of the season, as well.  At least one coach and each manager from each team must complete a HeadsUp Concussion training online (at no cost) and produce the certificate of completion prior to being approved to coach. However, all other parents who wish to participate in practices are encouraged to do so. You must have a volunteer form submitted and approved prior to being on the field with players.
Team Parent is the person in charge of communicating information to the team.  This includes practice and game schedules, snack schedules, snack bar schedules, fundraiser and picture day information, and any other pertinent league information.  It is crucial to have a team parent assume responsibility of these tasks to allow the manager and coaches to focus on training the players.
Parents and guardians are responsible for the friends and family that accompany them and that they all abide by the Code of Conduct.  Parents will be responsible for working in the snack bar when they are scheduled to by their team parent.  There is ZERO tolerance for poor conduct against umpires, coaches, or any volunteers. Those who violate the codes of conduct in place will be ejected from the game/practice IMMEDIATELY. Further issues will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.
IMPORTANT: ALL managers, coaches, team parents, parents, umpires, board members, and other volunteers must submit a volunteer application along with a photocopy of a valid government issued identification card to the board to complete their background check as required by Little League.
Will there be pictures?
Yes, pictures will take place mid-season.  They are usually on a Friday evening in April.  Picture order forms will be given out weeks before picture day by team parents. We generally do not do pictures in the Fall Ball season.
Do we accept sponsors?
Yes, sponsorships are definitely accepted and very much appreciated. Please contact our sponsorship board member for more information on the tiers of sponsorship.
Can I make a coach request?
Coach requests will not be accepted for Minors AAA-Juniors divisions.  We will try to accommodate coach requests for Teeball-Minors AA, but there is no guarantee for all requests. Players are drafted into the Minors AAA - Juniors divisions by way of approved little league drafting tecniques.
How can I become a manager/coach /team parent?
Upon registration, check the box for the desired volunteer position.  You will be contacted at the start of the season. If you are not contacted, please email [email protected].  At any time, you can log into your account on our website and select "volunteer opportunities." Volunteers are chosen based on availability and in accordance with our published bylaws.
What fundraisers or other financial obligations are we responsible for after registration?
During the spring, FFLL has one mandatory fundraiser for each family to sell at least one box of World's Finest Chocolates.  For each box sold, a player will get a ticket into our raffle drawing on Opening Day.  If you wish to opt out of selling a box of candy, the fee is $30 and must be paid at the time of registration.  There is also a mandatory $50 volunteer fee per family.  Upon completion of volunteering 10 hours during the spring season, a refund check will be issued at the end of the season. At least two of the volunteer hours must be completed at the Field Maintenance Day.  The other financial obligation for the season is that teams will be responsible to contribute a raffle basket for Opening Day. Team parents will decide whether a small monetary donation or an item donation will be appropriate for their basket.
Are there scholarships available?
At this time, we do not offer scholarships.  We are working on this for future seasons.

In 2021, T-Mobile released a sponsorship to low income families for baseball. Their requirements to apply in 2021 was proof of low income status (CalFresh, Medi-Cal, etc.) or proof of attending a reduced/free lunch school.  They have released information that they plan to do it again for 2022 spring season. More information is expected to be released by T-Mobile sometime in November. 

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