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May 2020 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting May 2020

Via Google Meets


  • Meeting Called to Order:  6:06 PM
  • Those in Attendance:  Jason Caldwell, Michelle Caldwell, Nora Olsen, Mindy Wagstaff, Dave Soto, Sean Cosgrove, Danny Sanders, Sarah Bonnett, Jarvis Jordan, Crystal Keiley, Geoff Sneed, Cortney Young, Jeremy Young
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report:  Jason Caldwell motion; Dave Soto 2nd
    • Field Invoice due to City of Henderson in June $13, 026.00
    • We have questions regarding some of the charges but can’t speak with anyone dur to the shutdown.
  • Sponsor Update:
    • Received Dollar Loan Center check in the amount of $10,000.00
    • We will be putting sponsors names on the Fall Ball jerseys to make up for not having much of a season.
  • Recap of District Meeting:
    • There will be no All Stars
    • District will hold an end of the season tournament.
    • There will be no regional or state games played.
  • Uniforms:
    • Invoice has been paid. $21,808.00
    • We have a set of Yankee TBall for next year.
    • Players will keep uniform from Spring even if they get moved to a different team for the Summer season.
  • Equipment:
    • League will supply managers with disinfectant for the shared equipment.  They can spray it down in between innings.
    • There will be no catchers in Rookie and TBall divisions.  We can not afford to buy multiple sets of catchers gear.
  • Game and Picture Schedule:
    • TBD pending the season actually starting.
  • Rookie Umpires:
    • Geoff Sneed says we do not need to have them for Summer league; save the expense.
    • Chris Petty says it doesn’t matter either way.
    • League decided to go without umpires during the Summer.
  • Softball:
    • Boulder City is playing summer.  Waiting to hear from Summerlin.
    • Some of the softball players may want a refund if they are only playing Boulder City because they only have 1 team.
  • Restart Committee: Jason Caldwell, Jeremy Young, Nora Olsen, Mindy Wagstaff, Crystal Keiley
  • Little League International suggested 2 weeks of practice before resuming the season.  Once we enter Phase 2, we can reopen baseball.  We could start practicing May 30, 2020.
  • Jason will be sending an email to the managers to see who will be returning for summer season.  Have managers contact all players to verify who will be returning.  Email will also outline our tentative plan to restart.
  • We have already had some players request refund, or transfer amount to next season.
  • We know that 2 TBall, 1 Rookie, and 2 AA managers will not be returning.
  • What reopening will look like:


  • Uniforms
  • All players will keep the uniforms they were issued for spring. Even if we combine teams or distribute players from another team elsewhere they will wear their spring uniform. 
  • Teams
  • The teams will stay the same as they were drafted for spring. If a team does not have enough returning players that team will be disbanded and that teams returning players will be distributed among the other teams.
  • Players
  • The players that need to be reassigned will be done so via hat pick. The team with the fewest returning players will pick until they are even with all of the other teams and then we will pick in draft order until all players are distributed. Some teams may end up with more than 12 players. We anticipate that some players will miss games during the summer for family reasons and having more then 12 won’t be an issue. 
  • Schedule
  • There will be 1 week of practice rice prior to games restarting. 
  • We will try and schedule games for Saturday mornings and during the week games for AA, AAA and Majors will start at 7pm instead of 6pm. Games for Rookies and T ball will start at 6:30pm instead of 6pm. 
  • Majors are now allowed to play 2 double headers a week and Minors can play one double header a week.
  • Safety Precautions 
  • There will be no end of game handshakes. Players will line up on their respective foul lines after the game and tip their hats to the other team
  • No shared water containers. Each player needs to have their own labeled container.
  • Any shared equipment (ie. Catcher’s mask) needs to be wiped down or sprayed down with disinfectant between players using the equipment. There will be NO catcher for Rookies or T Ball
  • We encourage spectators to bring their own chair and not sit in the bleachers. We will not police this but do strongly encourage this to be done
  • No after game snacks will be allowed.
  • Extra help in the dugout will be ok to help with all of these extra precautions and to assist with social distancing.


  • Refund Policy:
    • No other league is issuing refunds.
    • Little League International said to look over financials and make a decision regarding refunds.
    • $110 has already been paid per player this season.
    • Little League International has said they will apply our charter fee to next year.
    • Refund needs to be a percentage rather than a $ amount.
    • Jason Caldwell motion to give a refund of 50%; Dave Soto 2nd; all approve.


Meeting adjourned:  7:33 PM




March 2020 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting Minutes March 2020

(Emergency Meeting)


Meeting Called to Order:  6:06 PM

Those in Attendance:  Jason Caldwell, Michelle Caldwell, Ryan Nelson, Mindy Wagstaff, Nora Olsen, Chris Petty, Jeremy Young, Cortney Young, Sean Cosgrove, Sarah Bonnett, Danny Sanders, Geoff Sneed


  • CCSD and Little League International came out with notices that affect our Little League Season.
  • Little League International:  suggests postponing until April 6, 2020
  • Western Region:  suggests postponing until April 1, 2020
  • Bob (District 2 Administrator):  Says it is up to each individual League to decide.
  • There have been no mandatory cancellation from City of Henderson or from Health District.
  • Paseo Verde, Moapa, Legacy, Summerlin Little Leagues are all postponing until April 6, 2020.  Boulder City is postponing until April 13, 2020.
  • We still do not know about Central, Paradise Valley, and Green Valley.
  • If we do postpone, here is the plan:
    • Begin practicing the week of April 6, 2020
    • Resume the regular schedule on April 13, 2020
    • Cancel Mid Season Classic on April 18, 2020 and do an Opening Ceremony that day instead.  Followed by all of the games that were supposed to be played on March 21 (AA, AAA, Majors). Do a parade with all of the players, including TBall and Rookies.
    • Cancel the interleague tournament and make up the 5 games that were missed during March.


  • If we still continue as planned, we could put out a letter that parents could sign stating that we are not liable if someone does get sick??
  • If we do cancel there will be not contact with teams during the shut down.  If someone got hurt, they would not be covered by insurance.
  • Jeremy Young motion to postpone until April 6.  2nd Sean Cosgrove; all approve.

Meeting adjourned: 6:25 PM

February 2020 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting February 2020


  • Meeting called to order 5:42PM
  • Those in attendance: Jason Caldwell, Mindy Wagstaff, Nora Olsen, Michelle Caldwell, Chris Petty, Crystal Keiley, Ronni Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Courtney Young, Jarvis Jordan

  Proxy Votes:  Danny Sanders-Jason Caldwell

          Sarah Bonnett- Jason Caldwell

          Sean Cosgrove- Jason Caldwell


  • Approval Prior Meeting Minutes:  Nora Olsen motion; Ronni Nelson 2nd, all approved
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report- Jeremy Young motion; Mindy Wagstaff 2nd; all approve
  • Sponsor Update:  
    • Danny Sanders and Nora Olsen said that we are on track with what we brought in last year.  Danny sold a lot of banners and he is going to go to the City offices to check and see if our banners from last year are still there.  They were not picked up at the end of the season last year.  Check from the Clark family to go towards Mid-Season Classic.


  • Tryout and Draft Recap:  
    • Tryouts went well.  Chapparel Players were missed.  Foothill players would have helped, but they had a game that day.  
    • Have our Junior players help next time.  Move Juniors to the end of the day.  
    • Some coaches suggested that we slow down because it is too hard to rate players with so little time in between.  Ryan suggested that we don’t need the outfield fly ball.


  • District Meting:  No one was able to attend this month.  
    • District Poker Tournament April 25, 2020 @ Southpoint Casino
    • All Star Dates
      • District 6/22-7/2
      • State 7/10-7/23
      • Regionals 8/8-8/15


  • All background checks are done! Safety plan approved.  No scholarship families this year.


  • HLL Poker Tournament: February 22, 2020 @ Southpoint Casino
    • Not sure of the total number we will have.  We have only had 12 people RSVP.
    • Sean sent out mass email on 2/16/2020.
    • Need gift cards to give away for prizes. ($10 Target; 15 total. Nora will get them)
    • Use last years All Star hats and pins as prizes.
    • Board Members wear your Board Member shirt.


  • Uniforms:  
    • Ryan said that the uniforms are coming along well.
    • We ordered 10 TBall team uniforms, but have only 6 teams.  Will those other uniforms be sent back?
    • Patches will be here Wednesday, 2/19/2020 so they can be sewed on.



  • Softball:  
    • No other leagues had any softball interest.  Our Softball league is definitely growing!
    • Rookie has 13 players.  Play against Summerlin and Boulder City.
    • TBall has 7 players.
    • Minor has 12 players.  Play against Summerlin and Boulder City.
    • Majors has 12 players.  Play against Summerlin and play all games at Morrell.


  • Equipment:
    • Order some more gear for AA teams.  The gear they have is too big.
    • Ryan Burbidge gave an estimate for putting decals on the equipment trailer.  Decals on both sides, front and back.  It will have our email address also.  The quote is $1200.00 for making and installing.  Ryan Burbidge is giving us wholesale price.  If we find something cheaper he will honor it.  We have used him before.  He is a trustworthy guy.
    • Jeremy Young motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approved


  • Game and Picture Schedule:
    • Ryan and Jason are getting together this week to put schedule together.
    • Paradise Valley wants a Major team to play on their Opening Day 3/14/2020.
    • Majors only play a few Saturdays this season.
    • Once game schedule is done, the picture schedule can be created.


  • Rookie Umpires:
    • Have had 10 kids that want to umpire.
    • Make navy blue shirt for each of them with UMPIRE on the back.
    • Make sure they fill out their volunteer forms so we can complete background checks.


  • Opening Day:
    • Raffle- each team bring $50 gift card to raffle off at end of the day.  Ronni will make a form to keep track of who buys the tickets. (Ticket #, name, and phone number).
    • Board Members need to be there by 7:00 to help set up.
    • We will have badging available on 3/14/2020 from 8-12.
    • 50/50 Raffle will be going on all day.
    • March 14: 3 Tball (1hr 15 Min.), 4 Rookie (1 hr. 30 min), 3 Softball.  All at Mission.  Major and Minor Divisions doing pictures that day.
    • March 21: Major and Minors play.  TBall and Rookie do pictures that day.
    • Mindy will ask Harry if he can bring his Cold Stone truck to Opening Day.


  • Open Discussion:
    • Pins- Nora wants to include other sports with our pin.  Knights, basketball (Kobe), football (Raiders)
    • Chris Petty has question about address of one of his players.  Check to see if they played for us last year or if they go to school in our boundaries.
    • Ronni is looking for concussion forms from managers and all badged volunteers.


Meeting adjourned at 6:51 PM


  • Next meeting March 29, 2020 5:30


January 2020 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting January 2020


  • Meeting called to order at 5:36 PM
  • Those in attendance:  Jason Caldwell, Ryan Nelson, Nora Olsen, Sean Cosgrove, Ronni Nelson, Danny Sanders, Chris Petty, Sarah Bonnett, Geoff Sneed
  • Proxy Votes: 
  1.  Ryan Nelson- Mindy Wagstaff
  2.  Ronni Nelson- Mindy Wagstaff
  3.  Sarah Bonnett- Danny Sanders


  • Approval Prior Meeting Minutes:  Jason Caldwell motion; Jeremy Young 2nd; all approve
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report:  Mindy Wagstaff motion; Jeremy Young 2nd; all approve
  • Sponsor update:  Danny has sent out letters to all of our previous sponsors.  He has $15,000-$20,000 verbally committed.  Will continue following up with each of them.  Jason will reach out to Dollar Loan Center.  They have donated $10,000 the past few years.
  • Manager Approval:  Jason Caldwell motion; Mindy Wagstaff 2nd; all approve
    • James Walos AA
    • Still looking for 1 AA and TBall managers
    • 2 Junior Teams (possibly 3)
    • 6 Major teams
    • 6 AAA teams
    • 6 AA teams
    • 6 Rookie Teams
  • Recap of District Meeting on 12-11-2019
    • District Poker Tournament April 25, 2020 Southpoint Casino
      • Looking for Prizes and donations from the leagues
  • All Star Dates
    • District 6/22-7/2
    • State (District 3 Hosting) 7/10-7/23
    • Regionals 8/8-8/15
  • Equipment Donations to Southern Highlands LL (Formerly Silverado West)
    • Henderson LL donating 20 dozen Champro Balls
    • Donated nacho cheese machine and other items from the snack shack to Legacy LL.
  • Constitution, By Laws and Boundary Maps have been turned in.  
  • Board approved Parent Handbook, By laws, and Constitution.
    • Adding Zero Tolerance Policy.  It was approved last season, but not added to by laws.
    • Once final draft is complete, they will be added online.
  • Registration Numbers:  341 baseball, 24 softball
  • Scholarship families:  None as of yet.
  • Managers Meeting:  January 24 @ 6PM Vegas Valley Batter’s Box
    • Jason Caldwell, Ryan Nelson, Sean Cosgrove will be meeting Tuesday prior to the meeting to discuss numbers and how many teams in each division.
    • They will make rating sheets for managers to use at try outs.
    • Anyone can attend the meeting.
  • Try outs will be held January 24 starting at 9 AM @ Weston.
    • Make up try outs January 29 @ Weston.
  • Adding additional Major team:  Chris Petty feels that adding an additional Major team will be beneficial to the league.  He feels it will help with the drafting process and also disperse the new 12-year olds more evenly throughout the division.
    • Decided to table the discussion until we have a better idea of the number of kids registered.
  • Softball Update:  Hoping there will be enough to have a team in each division.  
    • Maybe have those tball age girls create and all girl team for that division.  
    • Interleague with Boulder City and Summerlin.  They will travel to us this season.
  • Cortney has Spirit wear ready for people to view.  Venmo only and it will have to be paid for before it is made.  Talk about it at team mom meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned 6:27 PM
  • Next meeting February 16, 2020 @ 5:30


December 2019 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting December 2019


  • Meeting called to order at 5:41 PM
  • Those in attendance:  Jason Caldwell, Ryan Nelson, Nora Olsen, Sean Cosgrove, Ronni Nelson, Danny Sanders, Chris Petty, Sarah Bonnett, Geoff Sneed
  • Proxy Votes: 
  1. Crystal Keiley:  Jason Caldwell
  2. Michelle Caldwell:  Ronni Nelson
  3. Courtney Young:  Jason Caldwell
  4. Jeremy Young:  Jason Caldwell


  • Approval Prior Meeting Minutes:  Jason Caldwell motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approve
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report:  Jason Caldwell motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approve
  • Review and Approve Sponsor Letter:  Nora Olsen motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approve
    • Danny will begin sending out the sponsor letter to all of the sponsors we have had donate in the past.
  • Manager Approval:  
    • All managers who have submitted an application were approved.  See handout.  Chris Petty motion; Danny Sanders 2nd; all approve
    • Approved Major Managers:  Mike Armstrong, Danny Sanders, Ryan Nelson, Chris Petty, Denny Crine, and Landon Law.  Jason Caldwell Motion; Ronni Nelson 2nd; all approve.
  • Pins:  Ryan suggests we order the same amount as last year.  
  • Recap of District Meeting on 12-11-2019
    • District Poker Tournament April 25, 2020 Southpoint Casino
      • Looking for Prizes and donations from the leagues
  • All Star Dates
    • District 6/22-7/2
    • State (District 3 Hosting) 7/10-7/23
    • Regionals 8/8-8/15
  • Equipment Donations to Southern Highlands LL (Formerly Silverado West)
    • Henderson LL donating 20 dozen Champro Balls
  • Need to provide Constitution, By Laws, and Boundary Maps.  
  • Board approved Parent Handbook, By laws, and Constitution.
    • Adding Zero Tolerance Policy.  It was approved last season, but not added to by laws.
    • Once final draft is complete, they will be added online.
  • Location Changes
    • Tryouts are now at Weston Hills because Mission was not available
    • Draft at Findlay Volkswagen February 1, 2020 3PM
      • Public Meeting Room 983 Auto Show Dr. Henderson
  • Scholarship Family Form:  Jason Caldwell motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approve.  Any board member can sign off on volunteer hours.
  • Rookie Umpires
    • Approved continuation of Rookie Umpires for Spring 2020 season.
    • Implement new way of paying for them, since we cannot pay them directly with cash.  Will pay them with Visa gift cards.
    • HLL insurance covers anyone on the field per District 2.  LLC covers the board from any liability.
  • We will sell/donate any items removed from cleaning out the snack shack at Morrell.
  • Storage Unit Prices for 5X10 unit:
    • Life $77/month
    • U-Haul $95/month
    • Extra Life $65/month
  • Add homes of Danny Sanders and Geoff Sneed to Insurance.
  • All Stars
    • Comprise list of all players.
    • Top 11 from each age group make it.
    • Manager gets to choose 1 or 2 to make 13.
    • Majors vote for Major players and AAA vote for AAA.
  • Meeting adjourned 7:12 PM
  • Next meeting January 19, 2020 @ 5:30; Executive Board meets at 5:00 same day.


November 2019 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting November 2019


  • Meeting called to order 5:40 PM
  • Those in attendance: Jason Caldwell, Mindy Wagstaff, Nora Olsen, Michelle Caldwell, Chris Petty, Crystal Keiley, Danny Sanders, Sarah Bonnett, Ronni Nelson, Courtney Young


  • Proxy Votes: 
  1. Ryan Nelson: Ronni Nelson
  2.  Geoff Sneed: Chris Petty
  3.  Jeremy Young: Courtney Young
  4.  Sean Cosgrove: Jason Caldwell


  • Approval Prior Meeting Minutes:  Change needs to be made to Geoff Sneed’s position on the board. 
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report- Mindy Wagstaff motion; Michelle Caldwell 2nd; all approve
  • Nomination of new Board Members
    • Jarvis Jordan- Softball Player Agent:  Responsible for overseeing tryouts and draft, working with coaches, player movement during the season, All Star info signed off, coordinate with Crystal for scheduling and other leagues.
    • Jason Caldwell motion, Nora Olsen 2nd; all approve


  • Found 2017 version of our Constitution- describes board positions, we changed Executive Board to 2-year term limits.  Consider have an evacuation plan.  Look over constitution and discuss changes at next meeting so we can get a copy to District.


  • Tball:  When pitching to players, coaches must have at least one foot inside the pitching circle.  4-year-old needs to have a parent volunteering for the team (coaching, or team mom).  6 Year old’s can be waivered up, but a spot in Rookies is not guaranteed, the player must be drafted to play in Rookies.


  • Rookie Division:  No new inning after 1hr 45 min.  Remove the drop dead.  Pitchers must pitch from the rubber.  Remove within 2 ft of the circle.  5 badged volunteers.


  • Minor Division:  Fix ages from 8-10 years old.  In AA, if there is a player at 3rd base they can advance if they are hit in or if a play is attempted to be made on them. Player on 3rd cannot advance on an overthrow.


  • Major Division:  Fix ages so that 8 years old cannot play in Majors.  Bat the entire line up with free substitutions.  That changes when tournament starts.  Discussion of playing a 50/70 league.  18 game Major schedule, 12 games regular bases, 6 games 50/70??  Could attract more club ball players.  It would add 2 more games to our regular schedule.  The All-Star team would not play 50/70, but they would play the regular Major Division Little League baseball rules.  This may be confusing to the kids switching back and forth between the different rules.  Maybe we could do a 50/70 league during Fall Ball.


  • Junior Division:  Our teams play according to the rules and by-laws of the other Little Leagues they play.


  • We are not going to continue with the snack shack at Morrell Park.  We will clean it out on November 25 @ 6:00.  We can do some type of concessions at Mission.  We can have someone there as long as they are licensed for the city of Henderson.  Discuss the idea of having our own trailer to serve concessions from.


  • District Poker Tournament April 25.  Looking for prizes and donations.  


  • All Star dates June 22-July 2.  Hosted by District 3.  State tournament July 10-23.  Regionals August 8-15.


  • Silverado West Little League board left and took all of their equipment with them.  Renamed Southern Highland Little League.  They are starting from scratch and looking for anything that we can donate to them.  We will see if we have any equipment that we can donate.


  • Fall Ball is done.  Henderson Giants took 1st place.  Boulder City team took 2nd place.  We need to divide up the ages for next year.  We can’t have 8-year old’s playing with 11-year old.  Hopefully we will have the numbers to have AA and AAA.  Our softball team played really well against teams who were much older than them.  They took 3rd place.


  • Opening Day cannot be done at Morrell.  We will have to use 2 different fields. Picture day will still be done on Opening Day.  Same vendor as last year.  He has changed some of the packages to accommodate our league better.


  • Boulder City is starting a Senior Little League.  We could put it out there to see if there is any interest for our league.  Ages 16-18.  Put it on the registration and don’t charge to see what the level of interest is.


  • Our poker tournament is February 22 at South Point Casino.  We can use last years flyer with some changes.


  • Offer spirit wear for our league.  Courtney Young can make the shirts.  She will put together a pricing sheet.  We feel we should limit it to one design and do it in different colors for the different teams.  Keep it simple for right now.


  • Try out dates:  January 25 (Saturday) Start at 9AM. Board members there by 8.  


  • Juniors and 6-7-year-old.  
  • 10:00 8-9-year-old.  1
  • 1:00 10-11-year-old.  
  • 12:00 12-year-old.  
  • 1:00 Softball. 
  • Wednesday January 29 Make Up Tryout date
  • Last day for registration is January 18.
  • January 31 Managers Meeting 6:00 Vegas Valley/Badging Also
  • February 1 Draft. Vegas Valley.  Board Members there by 3:30
    • 4:00 Softball/Juniors
  • February 10 Team Mom/Badging 6:00 Vegas Valley
  • February 12 Tentative badging day
  • March 14 Opening Day/Picture Day
  • Mid-Season Classic April 18


  • Uniforms have been ordered.
  • District is talking about creating a new boundary map for softball.  Discussing the option of combining different leagues to make teams.  For now, the girls need to register with the league they are in the boundaries for.


Meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM


  • Next meeting December 15, 2019 5:30


October 2019 Minutes

HLL Board Meeting October 2019


  • Meeting called to order 5:40 PM
  • Those in attendance : Jason Caldwell, Ryan Nelson, Mindy Wagstaff, Nora Olsen, Michelle Caldwell, Chris Petty, Crystal Keiley, Danny Sanders, Sarah Bonnett, Sean Cosgrove, Geoff Sneed, Ronni Nelson


  • Approval Prior Meeting Minutes
  • Approval Treasurer’s Report-  Ryan Nelson motion; Mindy  Wagstaff 2nd; all approve
  • Approval of Asset Report-  Jason Caldwell motion; Nora Olsen 2nd; all approve


  • Nomination of new Board Members
    • Courtney Young
    • Sean Cosgrove
    • Crystal Keiley
    • Ryan Nelson motion; Nora Olsen 2nd; all approve


  • Designation of Board Positions
    • President- Jason Caldwell
    • Vice President- Ryan Nelson
    • Secretary- Mindy Wagstaff
    • Treasurer- Nora Olsen
    • Vice President Softball- Crystal Keiley
    • Baseball Player Agent- Chris Petty
    • Safety Officer- Ronni Nelson
    • Sponsorship Coordinator- Danny Sanders
    • Equipment Manager- Jeremy Young
    • Coaches Coordinator- Dave Soto
    • Team Mom Coordinator- Michelle Caldwell
    • Social Media Director- Courtney Young
    • Website Director- Sean Cosgrove
    • Umpire in Chief- Chris Petty/Geoff Sneed
    • Juniors Rep- Mindy Wagstaff
    • Majors Rep- Sarah Bonnett
    • Minors Rep- Jeremy Young/Michelle Caldwell
    • Rookies Rep- Geoff Sneed
    • Tball Rep- Ronni Nelson
    • Needed Player Agent Softball- Possibly Jordan Jarvis??
    • Needed Concession Manager if we use the snack shack at Morrell
    • Discussion about who can manage divisions.  Division Reps are more administrative, there to disceminate information.  Player Rep needs to be more involved in Majors and Minors so that there is not a conflict of interest with managers.  Board members can have a child in the division to make it easier to attend games.
    • Motion Mindy Wagstaff; Ryan Nelson 2nd; all approve



  • Expectations of Board Members
    • Attend at least 75% of meetings
    • If unable to attend, give proxy to another Board Member who will be there
    • Support one another
    • Ask yourself, “Is this what is best for the kids?”


  • Approval of Equipment Budget
    • Give Jeremy Young (Equipment Manager) a budget of $5500.00 to spend on equipment for the season.  He can purchase items such as baseballs, tees, catchers equipment, etc. as long as it does not exceed $5500.00 and he lets the Board know what he is doing.  This budget is based on what has been spent over the past 4 years.  If there is money left over at the end of the season, the money can be used to buy equipment to replace old equipment etc.  Nora has to pay the invoices, so she sees the money being spent.
    • Motion Mindy Wagstaff; 2nd Nora Olsen; all approve


  • Morrell Park
    • Health Inspection of snack shack.  There are some things that need to be fixed.
    • If we can play games at Morrell, then we will find someone to maintain and operate the snack shack.  The City of Henderson will fix the building and the items with the building that need to be fixed.  We need to clean it up.  If we do not use Morrell Park, then we are going to clean out the building.  There is no need to pay for a health permit every year if we are not going to use it.  
    • We could use the concession stand any time.  It does not need to be a HLL sponsored event.
    • There is a lot of money to be made if we do concessions.
    • Jason will find out from the City of Henderson if we are going to be able to use the fields for Tball and Rookies.
    • Need to find someone to run the concession stand.  Board Position?  A few teenagers to be paid to run the shack?  Sponsorship families?


  • Scholarship Families
    • Families volunteer 10 hours of time to help pay for their registration.
    • Add an option to our registration to donate money to scholarship program.
    • Make it an option for Sponsors to donate to scholarship program.
    • See attached form


  • Fall Ball Recep
    • Ends Nov 1, 2019
    • A few issues with fields not being chalked, or bathrooms not being opened.
    • It has been going well


  • Opening Day
    • Full day of baseball, announcing the games etc.
    • Picture day on Opening Day
    • Everything at Morrell


  • Nora $500 for operating expenses.  Mindy Wagstaff motion; Ryan Nelson 2nd


  • Using Vegas Valley for our Rookie umpires is the same price as getting insurance for our umpires.  Vegas Valley will train them and pay them.  The umpires can then do games for Vegas Valley when they are not doing games for us.  


  • Look at By laws and constitution for next meeting.


  • Meeting adjourned at 7:36


  • Next Meeting November 17, 2019 @ 5:30




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