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Kids Corner by Leland Heinicke

By Leland Heinicke

Every time I step onto the field the pressures of school, and my social life, are lifted off my shoulders. Here I am allowed to be myself and ignore all other responsibilities. It is just me, the ball, and my teammates sharing the same passion for one of the most beloved sports. When I play soccer I am in the moment, passing through time without a worry in the world. Soccer’s fluid play, agonizing drama, and aspect of teamwork is unlike any sport. The athleticism, the technical ability, and the drive to win and succeed at the highest level is indescribable. However, the best part is that soccer teams play more as a team than any other sport. They are a family. We all like to win and hate to lose, but at the end of the day it’s the people around you that really matter. In victory or defeat we stay a family. In soccer each positions has its own distinct role. Without these specialize roles, the teams would cease to function, but when there are a collection of individuals trained to perform a certain role they become a cohesive unit nearly impossible to beat. This skill can be used on and off the pitch. In life if we don’t assume the positions needed in a community the system falls apart.

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