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Coaches Training

Coaches are vital in Youth Soccer.  Being a Coach is 100% volunteer work.  It is about volunteering your time to better your players and yourself, all while having fun.  Because of working with children it is important that some training and a background check are done, for the safety of everyone.  The following 3 trainings are mandatory to coach youth soccer:

Background Check

*Select A VOLUNTEER after clicking this link
*Club is Five Points - Blanchester
----- If you are a teacher speak to a Board member before doing the SAY soccer background check!

Concussion Training
*Best to complete on a computer*
*Choose the First Approved Option of the Concussion Training (National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know)
*An account will need to be created
*Save (and remember) your sign in information for future use and other sports
*This training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete
*Certification is valid for 3 years

SafeSport Coaches Training
*Best to complete on a computer*

*The sign-in information will be provided by a board member
*An account will need to be created
*Save (and remember) your sign in information for future use and other sports
*This training takes approximately 3 hours to complete
*This certification is valid for 2 years
*After 2 years there is a shorter "refresher" course.

If you are absolutely new to soccer then I highly recommend extra training.  NAYS is a fabulous introduction!   You can even become certified in multiple sports.  There is a starting fee of $20 that you would be responsible for paying.  Click here to go to the website:  National Alliance for Youth Sports

.......... Due to major changes in the BYSO board we are asking all coaches to provide copies of their training certificates either by hard copy (paper) or e-mail to [email protected] (District Representative Angela Kohler-Barker)


Being a Coach is being a mentor and leader to the team.

A Coach will obtain paperwork on players and turn in to the Coaches Coordinator.

Coaches Coordinator will make copies of necessary paperwork the Coach is obligated to have on them each and every practice and game such as:
  1.  Concussion Certificate
  2.  SafeSport Coaches Training Certificate
  3.  Player Emergency Medical Forms
  4.  COVID-19 Player Health Check Form
  5.  Spectator Code of Ethics
  6.  Player Code of Ethics
  7.  Official Team Roster

Coaches are required to report game scores to the District Representative within 24 hours of game.  This is done for both home and away games.  The DR reports home game scores to Five Points and double checks away game scores.  

Field Lining:

Fields are initially laid out at the beginning of the season by VOLUNTEERS and it takes many hours.

The fields generally are mowed weekly and it is mandatory for coaches to maintain their field lines.
    *If you are unsure how to line the fields ask a Board Member*
    *If multiple teams use the same field communicate with the other coaches to take turns lining the fields*

Forms and Codes of Conduct

Blanchester Youth Soccer Organization is to be held harmless for injuries on and off the soccer field.  This is a contact sport.  It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion by the player, coach, and parent/guardian.

medical consent-hold harmless.pdf

COVID-19 signs and symptoms are similar to the flu and should not be taken lightly due to CDC guidelines.  If your child has a fever, cough (not allergy related), sore throat, shortness of breath, or has come in contact with anyone that has tested COVID positive within 10 days, then they are required to stay home.  Each parent is responsible for signing a COVID-19 Hold Harmless Waiver that can be viewed here:
COVID-19 Hold Harmless Waiver

At each practice a coach or parent will fill out a COVID Monitoring Form as seen below:

State Law requires parents be made aware of the risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Syndrome.  Please visit the Ohio Department of Health's Lindsay's Law web page for information on sudden cardiac arrest syndrome.

As a player and spectator (yes, parents/grandparents/friends) it is important to remember to be respectful on and off the field!!  Good Sportsmanship is required of players, coaches, and spectators.  If there are concerns please speak to a coach, referee, or board member.  

All players are required to review and sign a 'Code of Conduct' form at the 1st or 2nd practice.
A parent/guardian will be required to sign a 'Code of Ethics' form before the first game.

These forms have to be signed EACH SEASON!

players code of conduct.pdf

spectator code of ethics - september 2014.pdf

memo code of ethics - first page of spectators code of ethics.pdf

Weather Policy

- We still play in the rain! 
- To save the fields, by preventing mud puddles as much as possible, practices should be moved to the fields behind the BPA/Police Station if not canceled.

Not as common but can still happen!

- If there is thunder OR lightning the practice/game is suspended (off field) for 30 minutes.  
- If it is an earlier practice, that practice will be shortened. 
- If your practice is the last on the field for the day you may continue with your full practice as parents/players will allow.

Coaches Gear

Normally, a Coaches jersey will be provided by BYSO

Coaches of Passers, Wings, Strikers, and Kickers will be provided with the following:
Ball Bag
1-2 practice balls
1 game ball
Practice Cones

Items we recommend a coach purchase:
Clipboard for all paperwork

*Some coaches prefer to purchase their own bags, balls, pinnies, etc. to keep year after year and to use with multiple teams.  This is acceptable and we do not require any particular colors of pinnies or cones if you choose to purchase your own.*

If you are unsure how to run practice SAY has great resources with a full Season of Sessions , video drills, and printable drills.

Current BYSO Board

Current Board Members

: Liz C.
Vice President: June B.
District Representative: Angela K-B.
Treasurer: Brian P.
Coaches Coordinator: Tonya L.
Referee Coordinator: Liz C.
Secretary: Angela K-B.
Members at Large:  Nicole S., Nick C., Michelle D., Crystal W.

New board members (Members at Large) can be added at any time!
If you want to have a say in your child's soccer experience then join the board.

***Once a month meetings***

3x a year there is a League Meeting that only the District Rep attends


Blanchester Youth Soccer Organization
P.O. Box 270 
Blanchester, Ohio 45107

Phone: 513-235-8210
Email: [email protected]

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