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Tackle Football FAQ

Who can play tackle football for Apex Sports Authority?
All children between 7-13 years old are eligible to participate in Pop Warner Football.

When does the season begin and end?
The season starts the first week of August and could go into the third week of November. 
How much time is involved in football?
Pop Warner Football is a BIG time commitment on the part of both players and parents. It will be much different than other recreational sports (soccer, basketball, baseball). The first 2 weeks of the season are considered "conditioning" weeks. Practice can run a maximum of 2 1/2 hours per day and 10 hours per week. In most cases that works out to 5 nights of 2 hour practices per week but coaches are free to be creative within those parameters. After the first 2 weeks, coaches have the option to continue with 10 hours of practice per week but most generally drop down to 2 or 3 2-hour practices per week.
What time do the kids practice?
Practices are up to 2 1/2 hours long - typically 2 hours - and commonly run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm with some variance depending on the coach’s discretion.
Isn’t it really hot out then?
It sure is! The month of August in particular can be really hot.  It is imperative that your child drink plenty of water during the football season. This includes the night before practice and during the day before practice. We cannot stress this enough. DRINK WATER!
Where will my child have practices and games?
Practice sites will be located in and around Apex as space permits. We will try to accommodate most practices at Norris Park (910 S. Hughes St., Apex). Home games are played at West Lake Middle School and away games could be as close as Cary or as far away as South Johnson County, Durham, and Wake Forest etc. Parents are responsible for all transportation of their children to and from practices and games.
Is Pop Warner too rough for my child?
Only you and your child can answer this one. Apex Sports Authority makes arrangements to insure that coaches are knowledgeable, well trained individuals with the abilities to teach proper technique and skills and that all equipment is inspected and in condition to provide proper safety for all players. But, keep in mind....this is tackle football. It is not a sport for every child. Please discuss this with your child and any of our Board members prior to registering if you have specific concerns.
Are the coaches paid employees of Apex Sports Authority?
NO. They are volunteers who donate their time to help our kids. This entire program, in fact, is run by volunteers who put in a great deal of personal time to make this program available to your children.
What does my registration cover?
Registration fees take care of administrative costs and help in offsetting equipment costs as well as other additional expenses.  Some of the additional expenses are:
  1. Field costs - we do not get the use of the school facilities for free.
  2. ASA works with the Town of Apex to maintain the fields at all Wake County Schools that we use during the season. This means whatever they need from grass seed to striping, we provide.
  3. Insurance on each and every player.
  4. Referee fees for home games
  5. Year round storage rental fees for equipment. This includes not only the thousands of pieces of football and cheer equipment, but all field equipment as well.
  6. And, of course, re-certification of equipment and replacement of equipment due to loss, theft and non-return of equipment from players and parents, and normal wear and tear costs. This alone runs thousands of dollars each year. 
Do we have to buy all the equipment?
NO. ASA provides helmets, shoulder pads, practice/game pants, practice jerseys, and game jerseys. All equipment must be returned at the end of each season.
What equipment do I need to buy?
Your child will need to get a pair of football cleats, mouthpiece, and an optional cup/athletic supporter.
Who decides what team my son/daughter will play on?
The ultimate authority rests with the Football Commissioner. Within ASA, we have established a Football Committee and that responsibility is sometimes shared with one or more committee members.
When will I know what team my child is on?
You will be contacted by your coach after all registration session are completed.
Can I play for the middle school and ASA?
Yes. As of the 2023 season, Pop Warner rules allow for kids to play football on their middle school team as well as a Pop Warner team. We encourage 7th graders to continue to play Pop Warner, as the season is longer and playing time is guaranteed. As the middle school season begins, the head coach will adjust practice times and physicality as needed.
Do players ever get cut?
No. If a player signs up (assuming the team isn't already full) and comes to practice, they will be placed on a team and play in weekly games.
How much will my child play?
All children will play. Coaches will determine what positions each child is best suited for and as a result some will play more plays than others. Every division has a minimum number of plays that each child must play. This is frequently referenced as "the MPR rule". (MPR = Minimum Play Rule)
Why do football coaches yell so much?
Let us answer this way... Imagine if you invited 25 boys over to your home, put pads and helmets on them and told them to hit each other as hard as they can, knock each other down and then do it again, and again... and again, what do you think would happen?
It would be chaos, mayhem, arguing, eventual name calling, fist fighting and perhaps even a call from your neighbors asking you to move. I’m not sure a polite “Let’s calm down now boys” would cut it. The answer to this question is--coaches will demand complete attention and sometimes they demand it loudly. This is a contact sport and coaches are responsible for teaching the kids not only how to play football, but how to do it properly so no one gets hurt. This requires a lot of cooperation, teamwork and respect for each other and to this end; coaches will make sure they are heard. 
Can we vacation once practice starts in August?
We teach that attendance is mandatory for all practices, for a variety of reasons. The first two weeks are Pop Warner mandatory conditioning sessions and required before a player can practice with full equipment. When players miss practice it can affect the whole team. Also Pop Warner rules do not allow players to participate in games if they do not meet the minimum number of required practice hours. The short answer is "yes" but there are consequences to missed practice time that should be discussed with your coach prior to your departure. Don't let it be a surprise that your child misses a game if s/he can't get in the required number of practices beforehand.  However, if there are specific situations, you are encouraged to discuss with your assigned head coach. 

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