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Constitution and Bylaws Of 

The South Plainfield Soccer Association 

  • ARTICLE I - Name & Purpose
  • ARTICLE II - Objective
  • ARTICLE III - Membership
  • ARTICLE IV - Government
  • ARTICLE V - Meetings
  •  ARTICLE VI - Financial Policy
  • ARTICLE VII - Playing Rules
  • ARTICLE VIII - Amendments 


Section 1. The South Plainfield Soccer Association, hereinafter referred to as SPSA, is a non-profit organization located in the borough of South Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Section 2. The purpose of the SPSA is to provide competitive soccer activities primarily for borough youngsters in accordance with the provisions of these by laws. 

Section 3. Use of the Association name, emblems and insignia will only be authorized by the President and the Board of Directors. 


Section 1. The objective of the SPSA is to provide a forum, for youngsters who desire to excel in the sport of soccer, to practice, fine tune their skills and engage in competitive play with surrounding towns’ soccer Associations. 


Section 1. An individual may become a member-in-good standing of the SPSA if he/she attends two (2) consecutive regular monthly meetings and has satisfied the annual dues. 

Section 2. Regular monthly meetings are held on a predetermined day as consistently as possible, the location of which shall be decided at the previous regularly scheduled meeting. 

Section 3. Any member who is at least 18 years old and is a member-in-good standing shall have voting rights to any and all business conducted at the regular monthly meetings. 

Section 4. Members are defined as parents, coaches and players and one team representative. Team representatives could be defined as coach or coach designee of a parent or player who has satisfied the dues fee. (A team representative is not mandatory). 

Section 5. An active member is disenfranchised if he fails to attend two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings. He must re-establish his active status according to the terms of ARTICLE III, Section 1. This action may be appealed to the President who is empowered to grant an exception based on the individual merits of the case, with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors. 

Section 6. This Association may require members or players to assist in fund raising efforts as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors in order for the members or player to receive all of the benefits of regular members as set forth in the bylaws. 

Section 7. This Association may require its members to volunteer a certain amount of time per season, which is necessary for this Association to function. Said time can be in the form of Association officer, coach or assistant coach, team manager or 

representative, committee member or any other position deemed necessary to the Association by the board of directors. Regular members are expected to volunteer his/her services during the course of the seasonal year, in order to support the daily operations of the SPSA. 


Section 1. The government of the SPSA Is based upon these articles and will be under the direction of a duly elected President, or the Founding Board Member as applicable. 

Section 2. The organizational structure of government provides that the SPSA will be governed by and of the membership for the benefit of the participating youths of the Borough in accordance with the objectives of this charter. 

Section 3. There shall be one permanent Founding Board Member (Franco Mitrano) and four elected board members of the SPSA. Elections shall be held at the end of each elected board members current term, at the regularly scheduled meeting in June and becomes effective July ·1. Each term is to run for 2 years. The four positions are to 

include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The following powers and responsibilities shall be entrusted to the Founding Board Member and President as follows: 

FOUNDING BOARD MEMBER: The Founding Board Member is a single, one-time Board position to ensure that the purpose, status, and structure of the SPSA remains consistent with the Founder’s vision for as long as the Founder wishes to be engaged. 

A: Franco Mitrano is, and shall always be, the only Founding Board Member of the SPSA. His position as Founding Board Member on the Board is permanent, until he chooses to forfeit the position, at which time the position will cease to exist. 

B: The SPSA cannot be dissolved nor change its status, legal or other, or purpose without the written consent of the Founding Member. 

C: The Founding Member has the power to remove any Board Member(s) if he feels the Board Member(s) is/are directing the Association in a way that is not consistent with the Founder’s vision or purpose. 

D: He is entitled to one (1) vote as Founding Board member, and one (1) for any other voting position on the Board that he holds. Example: If he is elected President, he receives a total of two (2) votes. His vote as Founding Board Member is permitted to be cast remotely in writing if he cannot attend a vote in person. 

PRESIDENT: The President Is granted all the authority and responsibility as herein set forth and whatever additional authority the Board deems necessary except as specifically precluded by this charter. 

A: He will appoint all committee chairmen and organize such committees and any and all additional appointments that he deems necessary and advisable to accomplish this Association's objectives. 

B: He is empowered to delegate any and all of his authority and/or responsibility to his appointed and elected officers, except as specifically restricted and entrusted to him alone by this charter. 

C: The President is in complete charge of all Association personnel and players. He is ex-officio chairman of all committees. All appointed officers and chairmen serve as an extension of his authority and at his pleasure. 

D: He is the official spokesman for the SPSA, except as he may delegate or assign. He alone remains responsible. 

E: He will preside and assume the duties of chairman at all Association meetings and he may vote. 

F: The maximum number of consecutive terms a President may hold office is 2. Each term consists of two years. 

Section 4. If for any reason the President is unable to complete his term of office, the board shall vote by a secret ballot upon a successor to fill the office of President until the next annual general meeting. Such a person shall be chosen by secret ballot from the officers of the board by majority vote of the board. The past President shall act as scrutineer for such vote. 

Section 5. In the event that an elected officer submits a resignation, that office will be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment by the President or designee, subject to approval by the active membership. 

Section 6. Team Coaches are appointed by majority vote of the Board Members of the SPSA. Coaches duties include, but are not restricted to the following: 

A: Assume complete charge of the team, including appointment of assistant coaches and be responsible for team conduct before, during and after games.

B: Is the only spokesman for the team while on the field. 

C: Responsible for all administrative functions as required by the Association and league. 

D: Responsible for the care of equipment issued by the Association. 


Section 1. The time and place of the monthly meetings will be set by the President and made public at least 5 days in advance, at which time any agenda issues that need to be addressed should be submitted in writing to any board member within 5 days. Issues and agendas will then be addressed at the next meeting. 

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or as otherwise stated in this charter. The Recording Secretary will notify the active membership of all special meetings at least 7 days in advance with the date, time, place, and agenda for such special meetings. 

Section 3. No meetings can start until at least two (2) board members are present. 

Section 4. Except as stated herein, a 2/3 majority of the members-in-good standing (as defined in Article III, Section 1) present at a meeting who vote will rule on all voting matters as long as attendance of the members-in-good standing is at least representative of 25% of the players across at least 50% of the registered teams. (i.e. if the Club consists of 100 players and 10 registered teams, there must be at least 25 individuals present, each representing a different player from at least 5 different teams). If attendance is less than 25%, the Board may vote on the matter(s) to be decided and pass them with a 2/3 majority vote. 

Section 5. Roberts Rules of Order will govern all proceedings at all meetings, except as stated otherwise in this charter. 

Section 6. The Recording Secretary will maintain attendance records and certify as to the active status of all members. 


Section 1. The Treasurer is the custodian of all Association funds. All monies raised by and /or for the benefit of the SPSA will be entrusted to him and kept in a common treasury. 

Section 2. All expenditures require a voucher or other documentation acceptable to the Treasurer and shall be retained by the Treasurer for a period of not less than five years. 

Section 3. All Expenditures shall be recorded by the Treasurer and reported to the Association at its regular monthly meeting. Budgeted expenditures shall be made by the Treasurer in concurrence with the President. All non-budgeted expenditures over 

$1000.00 require an approval vote by 2/3 of the members-in-good standing in attendance who vote and documented prior to the proposed expenditure. 

Section 4. All checks drawn on the Association must be signed by the Treasurer and/or the President. 

Section 5. The Treasurer shall submit a proposed budget for discussion at the June monthly meeting for ratification at the July monthly meeting. 


Section 1. The SPSA will hold tryouts in the spring for the following year's teams. All Board members at the regularly scheduled March monthly meeting will determine tryout times and locations. 

Section 2. Team selection will be at the discretion of the assigned coach or coaches and board members with the following conditions: 

A. Players from each respective age group must be chosen prior to players from a younger age group unless otherwise approved by the board. 

B. After annual tryouts and player evaluation have been completed. Assigned coaches and board members will approve in all player placements. 

Section 3. SPSA’s policy is that all players must play a 1/4 of the game. 

Section 4. Players are rostered to a team for the entire year that runs from September to July. Inability to abide by this commitment may jeopardize his/her future as a member or player in the SPSA. 

Section 5. Players may be added during the year, subject to section 2 above, not to exceed the maximum allowed under accordance MNJYSA rules. 

Section 6. Players attending tryouts will be evaluated in an attempt to make the "A" Team; based on the number of players and coaches available, a "B" and even a "C" Team will be formed. Small sided teams and players are excluded from this rule. Any other alternatives need to be approved by the Board. 

Section 7. Only players presently playing on a team will have the right to tryout for their team all others will be placed in a new player pool at tryout time. 


Section 1. Changes or amendments to these bylaws may be effected at an Association meeting by a 2/3-majority vote of those eligible to vote. A proposed change or amendment to the bylaws must be submitted in writing to one of the elected board 

members or designee at least 15 days prior to the next scheduled meeting. At which time they will be brought to the attention of the voting members and voted on. 

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South Plainfield Soccer Association

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South Plainfield Soccer Association

P.O. Box 543 
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Email: [email protected]
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