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Eastside Youth Athletics (Warner Park Youth Football)

Parent/Player Information

Parent and Player Information

The Coaches and Board Members of the Warner Park Youth Football Program would like to THANK YOU for your support. We couldn't have a program without your kids, your rides to practice and games, the fees you pay and the permission you give for your child to be part of one of the
best youth organizations in Madison. The following information will help you to understand what's going on, how you can participate in the program, and who to contact if an issue should arise.

Warner Park Etiquette:

We are here to have fun and support the kids, along with the program.

  • Only players and coaches (with Warner Park Coaches' Contracts) are allowed on the field (including the players' box). All spectators are to
    remain in the bleachers and/or away from the field.

Exception: We will need three adults to hold the down markers at each home game.

  • All non-participating children must stay with their parents and must not be under the bleachers. Parents are expected to keep their children under their supervision at all times.
  • The Warner Park Youth Football Program expects all parents, guardians and spectators to set a good example for other individuals, players
    and visiting teams at all times. Coaches are held responsible and (according to Dane County Area Youth Football rules) could be penalized
    or ejected from the game if any individuals harass referees or cause any other disturbances. Any coach or Warner Park Youth Football officer has the authority to remove any individual from a game or practice area, if they do not comply with the above described etiquette. Parents
    are reminded of the Player Contract that was signed and initialed by a parent/ guardian stating: "I understand that if my language, behavior or attitude with players, other parents, coaches, or officials is repeatedly negative, I will be given one official warning and then be asked not to participate in Warner Park Youth Football events."
  • Please applaud for all injured players from both teams, once they begin to leave the field.
  • The City of Madison, Parks Department should have the restroom facilities open for use during scheduled game and practice times.
  • No Alcohol, Smoking, or Animals are allowed at any event held within a City of Madison Park, including Warner Park Youth Football games and practices. This is a City of Madison ordinance and is enforceable by the City of Madison and WPYF.
  • Please use the trash receptacles that are located near the fields and restroom areas. Help us to keep this park clean so that Warner Park
    Youth Football may continue to utilize this area in the future.

Other Information:

  • Location of Fields: The main field is Field "1", this is the stadium field.
  • WPYF is associated with the Dane County Area Youth Football League, who's Web site is:
  • You can especially support your coach and the whole team by making sure your child attends all practices and games and arrives on time with the proper equipment. When a player misses a practice, they may not be properly prepared to participate in future practices and games, in order to prevent injuries and be knowledgeable in the team's football concepts. This makes it difficult for the coach to allow them to
    participate in the game or practice when they aren't prepared physically or mentally. It is also, not fair to demand as much playing time in a game when the player has not been attending and/or participating in practices consistently to know the plays, when others have been putting forth their time and efforts so they can play.
  • If an issue should arise, please address it with the Head Coach first. Make sure you have received the coaches contact information from them. If the coach does not address the issue, to your satisfaction, call the Program Director, Steele Morton @ 608.658.0363
  • All Equipment must be turned in immediately after the last scheduled game. NO EXCEPTIONS. BRING CLOTHES TO CHANGE INTO!!!!

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