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Come play the fastest game on two feet!

The Key West Youth Lacrosse League is for girls and boys ages 4-15 years.  Emphasis is placed on having fun, skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and promoting good will among all teams and individuals.Each player will have the opportunity to improve his or her skills in a positive atmosphere.

Our 2020 season starts with equipment fit and pick up day on Saturday, Feb. 1st with practices starting that week. The season commences on April 25th, 2020.

Practices are twice weekly for boys and girls division ages 6+, and weekly games are on Saturdays. Practice schedules for individual teams will either be Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs.

The coed mini sticks program for 4 and 5 year olds is once a week, day to be determined.

Divisions will follow rules set by US Lacrosse.

*Rules are slightly modified in each age group as we coordinate blended divisions. Girls and boys will not compete against each other and will play in separate divisions within our league, with the exception being our coed Mini Sticks 4/5 division.

Check out the rules at US Lacrosse


What is the history of Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is the oldest American sport.  Native Americans played lacrosse centuries ago, long before our colonies were settled.  Through lacrosse, Native Americans celebrated and emphasized their spiritual and cultural values. It is often referred to as the Creator’s game.  French Canadian, Jean de Brebeuf, first coined the game “La Crosse” which means the stick.

Other facts:

  • New York University fielded the first men’s team in 1877
  • The women’s game is very similar the Native American game played centuries ago. The men’s game started evolving in the 1930’s to what it is today.
  • Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. at the youth level and at the college level.
  • Lacrosse is a combination of soccer, hockey, basketball, and football.US Lacrosse supports the multi-sport athlete.
  • US Lacrosse wants every child to have a positive experience and has partnered with the Positive Coaches Alliance. Its CORE VALUES of Spirit, Tradition, Virtues (respect, honor, integrity), good sportsmanship, and teamwork, are to be modeled by coaches, players, and spectators.  
  • Lacrosse is a recognized sport by the Florida High School Athletic Association- Coral Shores has a boys’ varsity and j.v. team and a girls’ varsity team

When does the Competitive League start?

Lacrosse is considered a spring sport and our competitive league will begin in February and end in late April or early May. The actual start and completion dates will depend on field availability.  We hope to offer all divisions listed above, however the divisions are dependent upon the number of players signed up.  

Does my child need to have any experience in the game of lacrosse?

All levels of play are welcome!  Our league is in its third year in Key West. Our coaches will concentrate on fundamentals; scooping ground balls, passing, and catching, shooting, player positioning, and defense. We want all of our players to have fun and to learn the game of lacrosse in a positive atmosphere.  All players will have the opportunity to develop their skills and will be given equal playing time in games, much like AYSO mandates.  We want this to be the best possible lacrosse experience for your child.

What are the fees to play in the spring league?

The registration fee of $100 per player (which includes a $25.00 one-year membership to US Lacrosse). The fee for full equipment rental (if needed) is just $25 for the entire season. Sibling discounts are offered and applied at checkout.

Our Mini Sticks program for 4 and 5 year olds has a registration fee of $65. Equipment is included in that fee. 

What is the difference between girls and boys lacrosse?

There are many differences between the two including equipment, rules, and field markings. Our league is affiliated with US Lacrosse and follows the rules, guidelines, and best practices regulated by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse.  Please see the Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebook for Girls or Boys.

Girls lacrosse is a finesse game and only allows controlled stick to stick contact starting at the U10 division (modified checking at U10). No checking is allowed in the U6-U8 divisions so that the players can focus on the fundamentals of the game.  The purpose of checking is to dislodge the ball from your opponent’s stick.  Limited body checking is allowed in U14 and up.  No take out checks are allowed at any level.

How many players are on a lacrosse field at any point in time and what are the positions?


Girls Lacrosse: 12 players
Attack (3 per team)
Midfield (5 per team)
Defense (3 per team)
Goalie (1 per team)

Boy's Lacrosse: 10 players
Attack (3 per team)
Midfield- (3 per team)
Defense- (3 per team)
Goalie- (1 per team)

*These are traditional numbers, and may be modified per division depending on team size. 

What equipment do boys & girls lacrosse players wear?

Click on the below links for boys and girls to determine needed equipment.

Equipment is mandatory for both the Fall Clinics and Spring League.  In order to properly teach the skills of the game and for insurance purposes all players will need the necessary gear.



How should I choose a stick?

Make sure you purchase the correct stick for your child- boys sticks and girls sticks are different.  Shorter sticks are recommended to develop the correct stick skills for the game.  We recommend using a regular women’s or men’s lacrosse stick and cutting the stick down if needed. The length of the stick usually is the length of your child’s arm to the back of the shoulder blade.  Fiddlesticks will not be permitted since they are difficult to throw and catch with.

Will the Key West Youth Lacrosse League provide player equipment – or will players have to provide their own equipment to play?

The Key West Youth Lacrosse League does have some equipment available to rent at a cost of $25/season (free for U6-U12 girls). It will be rented out based upon size of player and financial need. 

How often will the teams meet for practice and how often will they play games?

This depends on the division your child is playing in. Most divisions practice 1-2 times per week with one game played per week.  We are aware of other sports leagues and schedules and will do our best to schedule our practices/games around other sports leagues.

Can I sponsor a team or make a donation to the league?

Yes! We are actively seeking sponsorships at all levels!  Please contact Jamie Strunk at [email protected]. We have a sponsorship form available as well.  


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