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Advanced Dribbling and Freestyle

Freestyle soccer is the art of expressing yourself with a ball while performing various tricks with any part of the body.  Some of the best players in the world of soccer like Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Indie Cowie and Neymar have used aspects of this discipline to perfect their game.
Our Advanced Dribbling and Freestyle program, run by Student Athlete Coaching and Consulting (SACC), will incorporate a wide range of skills and tricks with a ball to improve a player's balance, focus, flexibility, and creativity. Soccer Athletes will gather once per week (Saturdays 12:00-1:30) in group setting (10-15 participants/coach) to train with the ball for 90 minutes. Players will learn 5 new tricks each week.  The program will incorporate small-sided games, one on one ‘battles’, and freestyle contests where the players can show off and perform their new skills. This program gives the player an opportunity to be free from typical soccer practices and allows them to completely express themselves with a ball and have fun doing it!
This is an 8-week program that costs $100 for 8 sessions. All sessions will take place at the White Twp North Field (on Rt 519) 586 Hope Bridgeville Rd, Belvidere, NJ 07823 - Google Maps. The class will run from April 18th through June 13th. Reserve your spot today!  

Last years Highlight Video: Highlight Video

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