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Lyndhurst Boys Basketball

Biddy League By-Laws

Biddy League

  1. Registration:
    • Child must be registered and registration fee must be paid prior to the child participating in the program.
  1. Players’ Ages:
    • Biddy League is for children in 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades.  Players must be 7 years old but no older 10 years old by October 1st prior to the start of the season.
  1. Time:
    • Games will consist of two 20 minute running time halves.
    • There is no overtime – games can end in a tie.
  1. Full Court Press
    • There is no pressing allowed at any time.
  1. Backcourt  - There is no backcourt line in Biddy League, however, players cannot play defense until the offense passes half court.  A player must make an effort to further the ball past half court in less than ten seconds.
  1. Timeouts:
    • Each team will be allotted 3 timeouts per half. Timeouts cannot be carried over to the next half or overtime.
  1. Fouling out  - Biddy League – Each player will be allowed 7 fouls. Once a player commits his 7th foul, he will be disqualified from the game.
  1. In the Key Violation
    • For Biddy League only, there is no violation for being in the key, however, a referee may issue a warning if a team is generating an obvious advantage.
  1. Substitutions
    • Each player must play a minimum of 14 minutes per game (approx. 7 minutes per half).
    • A log of player minutes must be kept. When available, the league will provide students to keep track of minutes for community service hours. If there is no one available to do so, coaches are responsible for filling out and handing in the log sheet.
  1. Coaches’ Technical Fouls

·         1st Technical – warning

·         2nd Technical – ejection from game plus suspension of one additional game

·         Repeat offenders will be subject to board review

  1. Draft

·         There will be a draft for the first two rounds of players. After that players will be divided and assigned to teams randomly.

  1. Code of Ethics

·         A Code of Ethics must be signed by all parents and coaches prior to participation in the program.