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Jan, 2021

Tryouts Schedule

The first tryout date will be Saturday Jan 23rd at Morrell Park and the second tryout date will be Saturday Jan 30th at Mission Hills Park. Due to current restrictions on gatherings we have a staggered schedule to prevent having too many people at the field and check in tents at one time. Please do not show up before your scheduled time. Also all attendees must wear a mask at all times. Players will also need to wear a mask until their scheduled tryout time. Please try and limit the number of people accompanying the player to tryouts. If the restrictions on gatherings change before tryouts then this may change.

Here is the schedule for tryouts:

9am Check in for Juniors (Age 13-15) 

9:30am Tryouts begin

9:30am Check in for Ages 6 & 7

10:00am tryouts begin

10am Check in for Age 12

10:30am tryouts begin

10:30am Check in for age 8

11am Tryouts begin

11am Check in for age 11

11:30am Tryouts begin

11:30am Check in for age 9

Noon tryouts begin

Noon Check in for age 10

12:30pm tryouts begin

12:30am check in for softball

1pm Tryouts begin

Please remember that players age is there age as of Aug 31, 2021.
Players League Age 6 do not need to attend tryouts unless they are trying to move up to Rookies. Players that were in Majors or Juniors last spring also do not need to tryout.

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