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Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Guidelines for Coaches

Coaches, by their words and actions, can have a significant impact on the course of a game, the behavior of the fans, as well as the attitude of the players toward soccer specifically and team sports in general.  In keeping with the recreational and instructional philosophy of the NJSL, the following guidelines for coaches are encouraged:

    • All players should be given an opportunity to play offense and defense during the course of the year.  To become a well rounded player, both offensive and defensive play must be learned.
    • All players should get their fair share of playing time during the course of the season regardless of their skill levels.  Law #3 of the NJSL Supplemental League Rules specifies that each player should play a minimum of one half per game.  It is the coach’s responsibility to insure each player plays a minimum of one half to every game.
    • The home team coach is responsible for providing the game ball.  Make sure it is the proper size, in good condition and properly inflated before the game.
    • It is recommended that early in the practice sessions you have a mandatory parents meeting at the beginning or end of practice to explain the NJSL philosophy and the importance of good sportsmanship.  This is also a good time to choose (or appoint) an official assistant coach and schedule a linesmen for the games.
    • Coaches are encouraged to make arrangements to provide oranges for the players at half time of the games and, if desired, provide team treats for after the game.  The coach is not expected to provide these.  At the beginning of the season set up a schedule for the parents to provide these refreshments.
    • The laws of soccer have evolved in a manner that may seem strange for most Americans.  Coaches are not expected to take an active role in instructing players during the course of the game.  Excessive coaching from the sidelines during a game is not officially sanctioned and is subject to the discretion of the referee.  The NJSL makes exceptions to this custom in the younger age groups.
    •  Neither coach may go beyond the halfway line or along the goal line.  The linesman provided by your team is part of the officiating crew and may not coach while acting in this capacity. 
    • The referee’s power is absolute and begins from the time he arrives at the field prior to the competition and does not cease until the referee leaves the field.  It does not matter what calls referees from previous weeks, allowed the current referee’s word is law.
    • If the referee makes a call you disagree with or do not understand, he or she is under no obligation to interrupt the game to explain his or her decision; in fact, the laws of soccer specifically prohibit stoppages in the game to explain calls as this distracts from the flow of the game.
    • No one is allowed on the field of play without authority of the referee.  Should you or one of your players enter the field of play without permission from the referee, you may be faced with a yellow card, soccer’s universal warning that you have committed a no-no.
    • The coach may be held responsible for the conduct of fans, assistant coaches or players if they are behaving in a manner detrimental to the conduct of the game.
    • In spite of the doleful tone of the previous paragraph, the essential charge of the referee is to insure the game is conducted in a manner that is safe and enjoyable for the participants and in accordance with the laws of soccer.  Learn as much as you can about the laws and conventions to make your coaching chores easier.  You are encouraged to use the resources made available to you by the NJSL
    • Teams are scheduled for 2 practices a week in August and September and one practice a week in October. Coaches are NOT to schedule additional practices. If a rain out occurs the coach can reschedule a practice after contacting the NJSL scheduler


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