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Below are a few FAQ’s for Football

1. How many teams do you have?

We plan on having three teams- Varsity, JV, and Middle School. 

2. How do we get on a team?

Register online and come to spring training and/or the first practice in August. It is highly encouraged that you include spring training in your plans.

3. Where do you practice?

We practice at North Junior High in Richardson at 1820 N Floyd Road. 

4. What time is practice?

6:00-8:00 PM

5. How often do you practice?

We practice Monday-Friday during Spring Training, 6-8 pm. This is held April/May time frame. Regular Fall practice is Aug 4-Aug 25, Monday-Friday, 6-8 pm. Beginning Aug 29th through the end of the season, practices will be Monday-Thursday for Varsity/JV and Monday-Wednesday for Middle School. High School games are on Friday and Middle School games are typically on Thursdays. 

6. What are the fees?

Both varsity and JV team’s fees are $900 per player. Middle School fees are $400. Both High School and Middle School will participate in fundraisers. Fees cover most player expenses (uniforms and equipment for Varsity/JV, and partial uniform and equipment for Middle School), field rental, team equipment, etc.) for the year, except for travel expenses, if any. 

7. When are the fees due?

If participating in Spring Training, a fee of $150 is due the first day of spring training. This fee goes toward the total of football fees and is not reduced or excluded for nonparticipants of spring training.  We consider spring training a part of the overall program and is an important part of preparing for the fall season.  The remaining balance is due by August 4th, unless you have submitted a Payment Plan. If submitting a Payment Plan, six equal payments will be due 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 6/1, 7/1, and 8/1. or you may choose a payment plan of 2 equal payments being due 6/1 and 8/1. We have some limited funds available for scholarships based on need. Please contact the Football Commissioner for more details.

8. Do you cut players?

We do not! In Football, a team with large numbers is a very good thing!

9. How many players per team?

We average 25-30. 

9. Do all players play? Do you follow a “Recreational League” format?

HSAA football is a “competitive” organization, so we do not follow a recreational format where there is equal playing time for all players. Playing time and positions are at the sole discretion of the head coach. At the Middle School and JV levels, we do recognize that there are developmental needs for younger and sub-varsity players, and playing time is important for all players. At the Varsity level, there is no guarantee of playing time.

10. What days are games?

High School games are normally on Fridays, and Middle School games are normally on Thursdays. The Middle School games may vary some. 

11. What are the eligibility requirements for football?

We participate at the varsity level in the Home School National Football Championship Series in Florida in November. Therefore, players must meet the requirements found on listed under "Eligibility Rules" under the "Registration / Policies / Forms" tab.

12. Does HSAA  accept donations?

YES!! HSAA is a 501c (3) organization under IRS rules and we will give a receipt for all donations. Donations help us keep the cost down and improve our programs. 

Direct questions to Football Commissioner or Football Administrator