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HSAA creates teams at both the High School (Varsity & JV) and Middle School (6th - 8th grade) levels.   

Spring Training for High School (Varsity and JV) and Middle School will begin on April 6 at 6 pm at North Junior High field in Richardson. Spring Training will be from 6-8 pm on Monday-Friday, April 6 to April 30. All players interested in playing for Varsity, JV, or Middle School should attend these workouts.  Contact Coach Michael Scott (high school) or Lamont Moore (Middle School) if there is a conflict.

High School (Varsity and JV) and Middle School practices
 for the 2018 Fall season of football will begin on August 4, 2014 at 6 pm at North Junior High field in Richardson. Practices will be from 6-8 pm on Monday-Friday, Aug 4-22. Beginning Aug 25, practices for Varsity/JV will be Mon-Thurs 6-8. Games will be on Friday. Beginning Aug 25, practices for Middle School will be Mon-Wed 6-8 pm. Middle School games will mostly be on Thursday, but possible Friday or Saturday games. When middle school games are on Friday or Saturday then it is likely there will be practice Mon-Thurs of that week. 

Requirements for participation in HSAA Football. Complete the online registration process (Registration Process).  Bring a current physical (HSAA Physical Evaluation Form), a signed copy of the HSAA Athletic Release Form (HSAA Athletic Release), a birth certificate & a check or money order for $100 to the first day of Spring Training. Please make checks payable to HSAA.  These items can be mailed by 3/26 or scanned/emailed by 3/30 to the Football Administrator (Contact Us). This $100 fee is included in the full fee for the season.

A player cannot go on the field without turning in a signed Athletic Release and a copy of his Physical.

May Conditioning (optional but highly encouraged) 
will follow spring training (April 28th-May 23rd). There is an extra cost for this conditioning that is not part of the football fee. Cost is $75. Coach Michael Scott and Lamont Moore will conduct this conditioning program.  There is no registration process online for May Conditioning. To participate please arrive at the field on April 28th with a check or money order for $75 made out to HSAA. May Conditioning will be held beginning April 28th for 4 nights a week. These are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6-8 pm.

Off season/winter workouts for JV and Varsity 
are held 3 times a week beginning mid January. These are held at Jerome's Gym in Richardson under the guidance of Coach Michael Scott. These are on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6-8 pm. It is expected that all players attend these, however, if circumstances prevent a player from attending all then they are encouraged to attend as many as possible or to have a workout plan in force on their own. Jerome's Gym is $20 plus tax on a monthly basis. Each player pays Jerome's Gym directly on a month to month basis. The membership allows you to use the facilities at any time. A middle school workout program to be done at home will be sent out in off season. 


Please read carefully the Eligibility Requirements (HSAA Eligibility Rules).  If you have questions about whether you qualify as a “homeschooler," please contact one of the head coaches or the commissioner.  


Spring training/practices are in the month of April (March 31st-April 25th). The fall season begins on Aug 4th and ends near mid November. The Varsity team concludes the fall season with the Homeschool National Championship series in Florida (usually the week before Thanksgiving).  HSAA schedules games against private schools and homeschool teams. It is possible that you may be asked to participate on a summer 7 on 7 team and play for a short summer season.  


Program fees pay for season costs, including some uniform items.  Varsity and JV uniforms, helmet, pads, and practice pants and jersey are provided. In middle school, uniform and practice jerseys are provided. Some helmets and pads may be available for middle school also. This is TBD. A fund raiser will take place in the fall to help offset additional costs for facilities and other expenses.  Any travel-related expenses to out of town games are an additional cost.

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 The HSAA football program will strive to have continuity between the Varsity, JV, and MS teams by implementing the same system and strategy for each phase of the game (offense, defense, special teams). The Middle School strategy will be scaled back as appropriate for the level of skill and experience of the players.


 All players have equal opportunity for earning playing time and playing positions. the coaches are best qualified to determine appropriate playing time and positions for the players.there is no favoritism and nothing guaranteed. All players earn their spots. 


This is competitive football. The teams are small enough to provide for many opportunities for all players. However, because HSAA is a competitive organization, a certain level of playing time is not guaranteed. As always, development of skills, techniques, character, and team attitudes remain a key goal of the program. Our goal is to provide a high-quality, balanced program where talented athletes can grow physically and spiritually and where Jesus Christ is honored in all respects.  

The Varsity/JV team will travel to the National Homeschool Football Championship Series (NHFCS) held in Florida to conclude the season. This is usually the week before Thanksgiving.

 HSAA Football is part of Dallas HSAA, a homeschool sports organization that serves the Dallas / North Texas areas.