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About our Club

Sports Domain Academy is one of the States leading companies in youth development. With highly qualified and trained staff our programs, clinics and training are delivered at a very high standard. 

ASHLEY HAMMOND The Founder and Co-Owner of Sports Domain Academy, Ashley Hammond has been running the company since its founding as Ashley's Summer Soccer Camps. Ashley's love for teaching the game of soccer has taken him all over the world and he hopes to share his passion through SDA's dedication to excellence. CHRIS BOECKEL The Co-Owner of Sports Domain Academy, Chris Boeckel has been dedicated to NJ sports for over 20 years, beginning with his time at Warriors Lacrosse and continuing with his drive to support top level competition with Sports Domain Academy. SPORTS DOMAIN ACADEMY HISTORY
1990 - Ashleys Soccer hosted its summer camp with 54 campers in Montclair
1991 - Ashley's Soccer Camps formed 
1999 - "The Dome" in Montclair opens its doors 
2003 - Ashley's Soccer begins its first Summer Select program 
2004 - Ashley's Soccer sends coaches to Botswana for a health awareness campaign using soccer as a vehicle 
2009 - Ashley's Soccer Camps becomes Sports Domain Academy
2010 - SDA Clifton opens its doors 
2011 - SDA begins its own elite soccer club, Soccer Domain Football Club 
2013 - SDFC announces SDFC 3