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Danvers Babe Ruth Local Rules

1) Playing Time.
Each team in the Prep division will utilize a continuous batting order during the regular season. If a player appears in uniform after the start of a game, he will automatically be inserted into the last position in the batting order. Players may be freely substituted defensively, but all must play a minimum of two innings in the field. It is strongly suggested that managers get substitutes into the game by the 3rd inning to ensure compliance with this rule.

For Major division games played in Peabody, a coach may decide to bat as few as ten players (or nine it that is all of the players he has).  If a player is replaced in the batting order, they must go back into the same spot in the order if they re-enter the game.

a. On days that there are consecutive games scheduled at the same field, no new inning should be started after 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game. For example, If there is a 7:30 game scheduled after a 5:30 game, no new inning in the 5:30 game should be started after 7:15.

b. For 5:00 and 5:30 games that have no game after them, no new inning should be started after 7:30 until May 15th. From May 15th to June 1st, no new inning after 7:45. After June 1st, no new inning after 8:00. Coaches and umpires should use discretion on these times to allow as many innings as possible, but not introduce safety issues due to darkness.

2) Pitchers. The rules governing pitchers may be found on pages 10-11 of the latest Babe Ruth League rule book (section 0.06).

3) Balks. In the Prep Division, teams will not be penalized for balks the first half of the season. During this time, the umpire will instead explain the rule and corrective action to the pitcher. In the second half of the season, all balk violations will be called in the Prep Division, and for the entire season in the Major Division.

4) Mound Trips. Refer to the gray box on page 82 (“Trips to the Mound”) for the official guideline. Note that the second trip to an individual in the same inning constitutes removal as a pitcher (not from the game). An exception to this rule will be made in the case of injury or illness.

5) Bench Coaches. Teams will be limited to one manager and two assistant coaches on the field during games. Additional CORI-certified coaches may assist during practices but must remain behind the fence during games.

6) Base Coaches. Any combination of coaches or uniformed players may serve as base coaches. A player base coach must wear a helmet.

7) Mercy Rule. A victory will automatically be awarded to a team leading by 10 or more runs, provided the trailing team has been to bat in at least 5 innings and has had an equal or greater number of at bats as the leading team.

8) Courtesy Runners. In an effort to expedite games, a courtesy runner should be inserted for the catcher when he is on base with two outs. In the spirit of fairness, the runner should always be the player furthest away in the batting order who is not already on base. For example, if the catcher is hitting in the 8th position in the order, the runner should be the #7 hitter. If he is already on base, then the #6 hitter should run, and so on.

9) Between Innings. Further to expediting games, coaches should move their players quickly to/from the field between innings. To this end, they should make defensive changes known to players prior to taking the field on defense. Pitchers returning to the mound will be allowed 5 warm up tosses (new pitchers will be allowed 8).

10) Forfeits. In the event a team does not have at least 8 players to begin a game, a forfeit will be declared after a fifteen minute grace period. Games may be started and finished with 8 players. Teams that can only field seven players or fewer after the grace period will be charged with a forfeit and the score will be reported at 7-0. Umpires may leave the field immediately at the time of a forfeit and will still be paid a full fee. Players may be borrowed from the opposing team in order to complete the shorthanded team and games may still be played with borrowed players, but the outcome will still be a 7-0 forfeit. Once the forfeit is called, the decision is final and should not be reversed if additional players arrive. Teams in the Major division may use players from the Prep division to complete a roster.

11) Postponements. In the event of questionable weather, the league will make a play/no play determination by approximately 4:00 PM on weekdays (will vary on weekends depending on start times). Players and coaches can call the Peabody / Danvers rainout hotline after 4:00 for the latest information. The hotline number is (978) 530-1209.

12) Make Up Games. Generally speaking, games will be made up on the next available open field date. In many cases, this may the Sunday following the originally scheduled game date.

13) Game Decorum. Managers are responsible for ensuring their teams exhibit an appropriate level of comeliness and respectability. This means all players should be in FULL proper uniform (with shirts tucked in) and fully attentive in the field (i.e. no electronic devices of any kind should be used in the field or on the bench).

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