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SAY North Area Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we have heard over the years:

Who is the home team?
- The team on top of the bracket is the home team

What does it mean to be the home team?
- The home team must provide the game ball
- The home team is responsible for wearing pennies (switching colors) in the case where both teams have the same color uniforms

Who pays the referee?
- SAY North pays the referees for tournament games.  Coaches do not need to worry about paying the referees.

What if a player is injured and cannot play, can they sit on the bench with the team?
- Yes, the player can sit on the bench with the team.  Just let the field marshal and supervisors know ahead of time. 

What if a player cannot make a tournament game?
- If a player knows in advance they will not be able to make one or any of the games, have a parent send an email stating the player cannot make the game(s).  Print the email and bring it to the tournament registration.

What if a player does not show up for a game?
- If a player does not show for a game, without advance notice, contact the parents and request a note/email sent stating that they could not make the game for whatever reason.

What if a player does not want to go into a game, esp. at the younger levels?
- We cannot force a player to get on the field
- If you have a player that you know does have the tendency to not want to enter a game, bring it to the attention of the referees, opposing coach, field marshal and field supervisor
- You should continue to ask the player if they want to play

How do I ensure a player gets to play 50% of the game when I cannot control when there is a stoppage in play for substitutions?
- The start time for a player is when they go to the center line, which is when you intend for them to enter the game

Do coaches need signed copies of their rosters with uniform numbers?
- Yes!  Coaches should have a copy of their roster with uniform numbers for each game.

What happens if we miss our scheduled game time?
- You forfeit the game. 
- Make sure you check the brackets for updates to ensure you know your game time!

Will shoot outs take place on the field or a place near the field?
- This will depend on the field location and whether additional goals are available at the park where the game is being held. 

In the case of bad weather, what number should I call to get an update on status?
- Each tournament location will have a different hotline number.  However, you can check the field status on the home page of this site for field status.
- Landen (Kings) website -
- Hopewell (WCSC) hotline - 513-777-1325
- Liberty (LSO) hotline - 513-684-4944
- WJL (LSO) hotline - 513-684-4944

What type of cold weather clothing is allowed?
- Sweatshirt or jackets (no zippers) under a uniform
- Hoodies are allowed, but hoods and draw strings must be tucked in the uniform
- Soft hats and gloves, no clips
- Sweatpants