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SAY North Area Tournament

SAY North Area Tournament 2021


The following are the FINAL brackets for the 2021 tournament.  Check back often for updates.

Please Note:  If there is inclement weather some field locations may change, and that information will be posted here.

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls passers final.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys passers final.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls wings final.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys wings final.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls strikers final.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys strikers final.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls kickers final.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys kickers final.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls passers saturday results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys passers saturday results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls wings saturday results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys wings saturday results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls strikers saturday results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys strikers saturday results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls kickers saturday results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys kickers saturday results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls passers final results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys passers final results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls wings final results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys wings final results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls strikers final results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys strikers final results.pdf

fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - girls kickers final results.pdf
fall_2021_district_tournament_schedule - boys kickers final results.pdf

State Qualifiers:


Girls Passers
SAY North 1st A - Kings Mitchell
SAY North 1st B - GSSA Smith
SAY North 1st C - WCSC Hall
Boys Passers
SAY North 1st A - LSO Gajewski
SAY North 1st B - WCSC Young
SAY North 1st C - GSSA Kemme
Girls Wings
SAY North 1st A - Kings Turner
SAY North 1st B - LSO Scott
Boys Wings
SAY North 1st A - Kings Crosby
SAY North 1st B - GSSA Frericks
Girls Strikers
SAY North 1st A - WCSC Maddock
SAY North 1st B - Kings Gruber
Boys Strikers
SAY North 1st A - GSSA Feldman
SAY North 1st B - LSO Montgomery
Girls Kickers
SAY North 1st A - St. John Given
SAY North 1st B - TCYO Lloyd
Boys Kickers
SAY North 1st A - St. John Even
SAY North 1st B - LSO Aponte