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Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club

Top-Notch Coaches

This is the part of our website that brags about our hallmark—coaching. Elite level players will all tell you the same thing—that good coaching is one of the most important factors in player development. Our players are lucky. We have an incredibly talented and dedicated coaching staff. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Scroll down to see the biographies on our coaches.  You’ll soon understand that when it comes to progressive coaching with unmatched enthusiasm and understanding of the game, nothing can beat Gitch soccer!

Current Coaching Staff

Barry Chastey

 Barry is Gitch's Coaching Advisor and a Board member.  He runs skills sessions for league teams and coaches a U14 and a U16 boys league team. Barry will be the technical development coach for U14 and U16.  He is also the CSS Men's Head Coach.

David Robinson

Dave is Gitch's Coach Mentor. Coach Robinson oversees the U14 Girls technical development.  Dave is also the CSS Men's Asst. Coach.

Morgan MacLean
Moe is Gitch's Girls Development Coach and a Board member.  He runs skills sessions for girls' league teams and coaches a U14 Girls team. Plus he's a former Gitch player. 

Greg Cane
Greg is Gitch's Juniors Program Coordinator.  He is a founder of the club and is the technical development coach for the U11 girls. Greg is also the UMD Women's Head Coach.

Patti Cane
Patti is Gitch's Lil' Kickers Program Coordinator.  She also coaches a U9 girls team.

Kelly Grgas-Wheeler
Kelly is the technical development coach for the U12 girls teams.  She is also the UMD Women's Asst. Coach.
Nic Bacigalupo
Nic is a club founder.  He serves on the Board and is a coach for a U14 girls team, and is the technical development coach for U15 Boys.  Nic is The Marshall School's girls head coach, has been both Duluth East's and Duluth Central's boys head coach, and is a former Men's coach at CSS.
Scott Anderson

Scott has been coaching with the club since its start.  He is a Board member and coaches the U14 C3 boys and is the technical development coach for the U11 Boys, as well as the head coach for one of the U11 boys teams.  He has also been Denfeld's boys head coach for 23 years.


Len Albrecht

Len is the club's President.  He has coached in the club for several years, including a team that won State.  Len is also the Superior Senior HS girls head coach.

Mike Sengbush

Mike has been with the club for many years.  He has served on the Board and was the Youth Development Coordinator.  Mike coaches a U14 boys team. He is also The Marshall School's boys head coach.

Anthony Wood
Anthony is the Proctor HS boys head coach and coaches a U12 boys team.

Brandon Stemwedel

Brandon is the Denfeld Girls head coach and coaches a U10 boys team as well as running the technical development for that age group.

Club coaches

U9 GirlsGreenScot Zentz
U9 GirlsBluePatti Cane
U10 GirlsBlueLuke Buckton
U10 GirlsWhiteMatt Nevenan
U10 GirlsGreenJoey Moore
U11 GirlsGreenEirik Rennan
U11 GirlsBlueMitch Wilkinson
U12 GirlsC2Kelly Wheeler
U12 GirlsTOLuke Buckton
U13 GirlsC1Wells Mcgiffert
U13 GirlsC2Danielle Peterson
U14 GirlsC1Morgan MacLean
U14 GirlsC2Sean Morgan
U15 GirlsC1Tim Thorson
U15 GirlsC2Kaliee Katt
U16 GirlsC2Tom Corcoran
U18 GirlsTODan Mark

U9 BoysGreenTim Thorson
U9 BoysWhiteBrandon Stemwedel
U9 BoysBlueSteve Kidd
U10 BoysBlueDaniel Hedstrom
U10 BoysWhiteScott Anderson
U10 BoysGreenSeth Eklund
U11 BoysGreenJoe Watt
U11 BoysBlueKyle Farrar
U12 BoysC1Seth Eklund
U12 BoysTO BlueAnthony Wood
U12 BoysTO WhiteJoshua Herd
U13 BoysC1Seth Eklund
U13 BoysC2Andrew Jenkins
U14 BoysC1Barry Chastey
U14 BoysC2Mike Sengbush
U15 BoysC3Scott Anderson
U15 BoysC2Matt Nevenan
U16 BoysC1Barry Chastey
U17 BoysC1Doug Hoffman
U17 BoysC2Otto Berti
U18 BoysC1Lenny Conklin