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St Teresa Athletic Association CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS

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Official Prayer of St. Teresa Avila Athletic Association

Saint Sebastian, patron saint of athletes, protect us in our time of trial, lead us in the way of good sportsmanship, and help us to be good role models. Saint Teresa, Patron Saint of our Parish, pray that we may be good examples for others to follow in the Light of Christ. Amen St. Sebastian and St. Teresa, Pray for us.

Article I Name

The name of this organization shall be the St Teresa Athletic Association.

Article II Purposes

The purposes of this organization:

  • To promote the physical development of the youth of the parish in conjunction with their spiritual, moral, mental and academic development.
  • To provide an opportunity for the youth of the parish to engage in approved sport activities under the supervision and guidance of competent adult leadership.
  • To promote a well-rounded program in inter-school and intramural sports for both boys and girls of the parish.
  • To promote a well-rounded program in inter-school and intramural sports for both boys and girls of the parish.

  • Article III Membership

    ACTIVE - Any member of the parish, the Pastor of the parish and his designated associate. All members of the St Teresa Parish or parents and/or guardians of children attending the St Teresa School are members of the association. However, only members who have attained the age of 18 are permitted to vote in elections or to hold office. Anyone who coaches a sport for St Teresa AA is considered a member of the association. All coaches must be approved by the appropriate coordinator. All coaches must attend the archdiocesan Decree of Child Protection Class.. Anyone who wishes to coach or volunteer should contact a coordinator or a member of the Executive Board.

    Article IV Officers

  • The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The duties of the President shall be as follows:
       a. The president shall preside at all meetings of the membership. and the Executive Board.
       b. The appointment of all committees
       c. Hold the several officers and committees responsible for the duties entrusted them.
       d. Perform such duties as are usually attached to the office of the President.
       e. Any motion before the Executive Board or membership that the President determines to be of such a nature as to effect a major change to
       the Association can be tabled by the President until the membership can be notified and the issue can be decided at a membership meeting.
  • The Vice-President shall have the powers and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:
       a. Keep the minutes of all meetings of the membership and the Executive Board; read them at the following meeting and furnish one copy
       to all members who request one.
       b. Conduct the correspondence of the organization.
       c. Submit a copy of the minutes to the Pastor.
  • The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:
       a. Deposit all money of the Organization after receipt in an authorized depository.
       b. Pay all obligations of the Organization and maintain vouchers and receipts
       c. Present a financial report at all regular meetings of the membership and the Executive Board and submit a copy to the Pastor.
       d. The treasurer is appointed to the Executive Board by the Pastor and serve as his representative on the Executive Board until a time
       determined by the Pastor.

  • Article V Executive Board

  • There shall be an Executive Board as follows:
       a. Composed of (7) members including the elected officers of the Association and the Pastor or his designated Associate.
       b. Six (6) of the Executive Board members shall be elected by the membership at large.
       c. In the event of the resignation by an Executive Board member, the President appoints a person to fill the term.
       d. Elected members of the Executive board shall take office at the first meeting of the Executive Board immediately following the election.
  • The Executive Board shall meet monthly.
  • A majority of Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business at Executive Board meetings.
  • The Executive Board shall promote and supervise the activities of the Organization.
  • To be a member in good standing of the Executive Board, no more than three consecutive meetings may be missed without a valid excuse;
    failure to do so can cause that person to be removed from the Board by majority vote of the Board.

  • Article VI Elections And Appointments

  • General Elections:
       a. It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association's President to select a nominating committee for the Athletic Association elections which
        are to be held before the May meeting.
       b. Nominating committee shall consist of two (2) persons from the Executive Board and/or the membership at large.
       c. It shall be the responsibility of the committee to insure that the ballots are printed and that all nominees are listed. Also, they are responsible
        to count the votes and notify the candidates after the election is over.
       d. All members of the Athletic Association who meet the age requirement are eligible to run for the Executive Board.
       e. Cut off date for nominations will be decided by the nominations committee, no earlier than three (3) weeks before the election.
  • The Executive Board:
       a. The election of the Executive Board shall take place on or before the May meeting at a time to be decided by the Executive Board. All
        members, as specified in Article III, and 18 years of age or older are eligible to vote.
       b. The candidates for the election of members to the Executive Board shall be selected by a nominating committee. An election committee
        shall be appointed by the President to oversee the nominating and election process. The election committee members shall not be eligible to
        run that election.
       c. Each year two candidates will be elected for a three (3) year term.
       d. The President and Vice-President shall be voted on by the elected Executive Board. The remaining officers shall be appointed by the
        President and/or the Pastor.
       e. There are no term limits for non-officers.
  • The Officers:
       a. The term of office as President and Vice-President of the Association shall be one (1) year and he/she shall not be eligible for re-election as
        President of the Association for more than four (4) consecutive terms.
       b. A plurality of ballots cast in the election of the Executive Board members shall decide the election. In the event of a tie, ties will be decided
        by a secret ballot election by the membership at their next regular monthly membership meeting.

  • Article VII Disbursement of Funds

  • All checks drawn on this Association shall be signed by the Treasurer, President or Pastor.

  • Article VIII Admendments

  • This constitution may be amended or changed by any such proposal being submitted in writing and reviewed by the Executive Board or designated committee prior to being read at two consecutive regular membership meetings. The Amendment shall be decided at the 2nd meeting by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board. The membership shall be notified of such amendments prior to the vote.

  • Article IX Items Not Covered

  • Anything not covered by this constitution shall be decided by a vote of the Executive Board and/or Archdiocese of Cincinnati Charter on Youth Athletics.

  • Article X Items Membership Meetings

  • Membership meetings will normally be held the 3rd Thursday of every month.

  • Article XI Disciplinary Action

  • If a member is of the opinion that disciplinary action should be taken against a member or officer participating in the Association, the following procedure will apply:
       a. A member may request, and the President will call a Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) meeting, consisting of three elected at-large members
        of the Executive Board and a designated Sports Coordinator. Charges must be presented to the President in writing within 30 days of having
        knowledge of the alleged violation.
      b. As in a regular board meeting, a quorum is required in order to conduct business. Only this quorum shall comprise the DRB.
      c. The member filing the charges will make his presentation outlining dates, places, persons involved, any unusual circumstances which may
        have existed at the time of the behavior in question and any violations of the constitution, policy or rules of the Association.
      d. The member being recommended for disciplinary action may make his presentation, outlining the details of the behavior in question.
        Each party and all trial board members will have the opportunity for cross examination of both parties.
      e. Both parties may call witnesses who are subject to cross Examination. The President of the Executive Board will represent the STAA.
      f. DBR members are appointed annually during the same time officers are voted on. A board member may not serve more than
      two consecutive terms on the DRB. The President and Vice-President cannot serve on the DRB due to their roles in the disciplinary process.
      In the event a DRB member cannot make it to the hearing, the Vice-President will stand in for that member. Majority vote of the DRB is required
      for disciplinary action to be taken against the member or officer in question.
      g. Both parties may have counsel at the trial provided the counsel is a member of the association.
      h. Any charges of criminal misconduct will be reviewed by the DRB and Executive Board for possible disciplinary action in accordance with the
      above stated policy. .
      i. An appeal of the decision made by the DRB may be made to the Pastor of the parish.

  • Article XII Financial Aid For Tournaments

  • It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association, after approval by the individual sport coordinator, to pay reasonable entry fees of any St Teresa team in two tournaments sponsored by organizations other than the St Teresa Athletic Association. Any additional funds for tournaments should be approved by the sports coordinator and executive board.
  • Coaches may pay for tournaments out of their own pockets, but should not solicit funds from participating families or children.
  • If any team request funds for any out of town trip, requests will be handled by the Athletic Association on an individual basis.
  • Teams must have a record of .500 or better or be deemed competitive by the sport coordinator in order to participate in post-season league tournaments. If a coordinator feels the teams are competitive, they may put them in post-season league tournaments with approval of the board.

  • Article XIII Fund Raisers

  • Fund raisers shall be considered any action or activity designed for the purpose of generating money to be used for the operation or promotion of sports at St Teresa. This will include all raffles, drawings, sales, dances, donations or any other method to raise funds.
  • The activities or actions must be approved by the Executive Board with all money kept in the general fund and approved by the pastor or his delegate.
  • At no time will it be considered proper for an Executive Board member, sports coordinator or coach to seek or create fund raisers for a particular sport without the prior approval of the board. Per school policy, children are prohibited from going door to door to solicit.

  • Article XIIII Trophies

  • It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association to retain all trophies from teams sponsored by St Teresa.
  • A trophy won by a team, sponsored by an individual or a company, will be awarded to that individual or company at the end of each season.
  • The STAA shall only pay for individual trophies for a team who has won a league championship provided the sanctioned league does not provide any type of awards for the participants, at the discretion of the sport coordinator or the Executive Board. Awards include patches, trophies or T-Shirts.
  • Any other options or questions regarding the retaining of trophies will be reviewed by the Executive Board.

  • Article XV Age Or Grade Requirements Of A Sport

  • A child playing sports at St Teresa must compete at the age or grade level specified by the league.
  • A child plays in his/her own age or grade bracket unless his/her movement upward is necessary to accommodate the proper alignment of teams. The moving of a child upward will be determined as follows: any children in the lower group are eligible to move, the parents’ or guardians consent must be given for the child to move up and considered movements will be brought to the coordinator for final approval.

  • Article XVI Use Of Equipment, Uniforms And Keys

  • It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association not to permit the loaning of equipment or uniforms without specific approval of the Executive Board.
  • All equipment and uniforms must be obtained through the sports coordinator.
  • It is sports coordinator's responsibility to see that all equipment, uniforms, and key cards are returned.
  • Only the sports coordinator, pastor’s delegate and the President of the St. Teresa Athletic Association will have keys to all equipment rooms.
  • Security cards for the gym will be issued to the coaches by the practice or sport coordinator.
  • All equipment and uniforms must be returned before an athlete can participate in their next sport.
  • All uniforms purchased must be approved by the Board and adhere to the approved Logo and Color guidelines outlined by the Board.
  • Primary Colors are Green and White. Secondary colors are Black. Logo is the Winking Bear or Paw Print.
  • Wearing/Using uniforms for sports or leagues not sanctioned/sponsored by the STAA and/or the Archdiocese is strictly prohibited.

  • Article XVII Budget and Expenditures

  • Budget
  •   a. At the membership meeting two months prior to the start of a particular sports practice, the coordinator shall be required to submit an
      estimated budget for their expenditures during the calendar year. The coordinator’s budget shall contain separate estimates for:
       -League Fees and Official Fees
       -Itemized Miscellaneous Expense  
      b. At the membership meeting when each sport presents their budget, the Executive Board shall vote to approve each coordinators budget or
       motions and vote to specific changes to the budget.  
      c. The treasurer, or member designated by the President, shall keep all budget records.

  • Expendetures
  •   a. All purchases and expenditures shall be made by the coordinator requesting the item(s).  
      b. All purchases of equipment and uniforms are recommended to get a minimum of two bids to be presented to the Board for approval
       at a regular membership meeting  
      c. No expenditures will be made in excess of an approved budget without approval of the Board at
       a regular membership meeting.  
      d. The President can approve emergency expenditures, but only in extreme circumstances and shall report any such emergency expenditures at
       the next regular membership meeting.

    Article XVIII Child Playing Two Sports

  • A child that plays two St Teresa sports at the same time (example: football and soccer) shall obtain a memo of understanding signed by both coordinators detailing the priorities for practices and games. If no agreement is signed the child will only be permitted to play one sport.
  • The policy of the Athletic Association is that a child may play a sport for St Teresa and another organization at the same time. However, St Teresa programs have priority over the outside organization.
  • A child who is playing on a team for St Teresa and misses A total of five (5) practices or games to play for another sports team will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension and/or dismissal from the St Teresa team. This dismissal from the St Teresa team is for the rest of the season.
  • A child who misses five (5) practices or games without a valid excuse, a valid excuse is at the discretion of the coach, will also be subject to disciplinary action including suspension and/or dismissal per paragraph number three (3).
  • Parents have the right to appeal any decision by a coach to the sports coordinator. If a satisfactory answer is not reached, the parents may appeal to the Executive Board for final disposition.
  • If a child plays another sport for another school or organization (Ie Covedale baseball; Delhi Football) and St. Teresa offers that same sport, that child is not permitted to play that sport again for St. Teresa unless the board allows him to come back to the sport.

  • Article XIX Gymnasium Control

  • St Teresa School will have first priority on dates and times for gymnasium use during the school year on school days.
  • The Athletic Association will have the responsibility for scheduling all dates and times for the gym and cooperate with the school and church on scheduling issues following the conclusion of the school day.
  • Any group wishing to use the gym must go through the Gym Coordinator or the Athletic Association for approval.
  • The gym coordinator will review all requests for use of the gym to determine if permission should be granted. If this cannot be determined by the gym coordinator, the matter should be resolved by the Executive Board.
  • All sports coordinators have the responsibility to supply the President of the Executive Board and gym coordinator with a complete schedule of events for their sport in a timely manner.

  • Article XX Quit List

  • To help the child accept the responsibility of his/her actions, and to protect the interests of the other children on the team, the Executive Board has decided to initiate a program to accomplish these aims.
     a. A child who quits his/her team will have his/her name recorded on a list for that sport. The reason(s) for quitting will be noted. Those record will
      be kept for all children in all sports.
     b. If a child quits the same sport during two (2) consecutive years or any other two (2) sports during the same year, providing he/she
      has played that sport before, the child will not be permitted to participate in St Teresa sports for one (1) full year from the time of his/her quitting.
     c. If justifiable reasons for quitting are presented, the Executive Board may agree to permit the child to continue in sports.
     d. This procedure is not intended as a punishment to children who quit, but as a tool to help the child accept the responsibilities of
      his/heractions, and to allow the other children the opportunity of participation by having enough team members.
     e. Coaches should report any child who quits to his/her coordinator and the coordinator will keep this list and give a copy to the secretary to
      update the quit list.
     f. Fees will be refunded to anyone who quits prior to the start of the regular season. If a child quits after the first week of the season, all fees are non-refundable.

  • Article XXI Sign-Up Fees

  • Sports Sign-Up Fees
     a. a. All members of St Teresa parish whose children participate in St Teresa athletics must belong to the Athletic Association.
     b. The Athletic Association will charge a sports sign-up fee of $50 per child, per sport with a family maximum of eight sports sign-ups ($400.00) per calendar year. The sign-up
      fees will be set by a vote of the Board at the February meeting. A sport year runs Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
     c. The Athletic Association fund does not take the place of or cover any additional costs which may be needed. Team pictures, team parties, gifts for coaches and other such
      costs are to be paid by each family at their discretion.
     d. Fees must be paid before a child is permitted to sign-up. Instructional fees will be determined on an annual basis by coordinators and Executive Board, not to be less than
      $25 per sport.
     e. Late sign-up fees will be charged at the discretion of the coordinator.
  • Annual Family Fee
     a. The annual Family Fee shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per family for the season. A family shall consist of the parents or guardians and all their children under the age of 18.
      Any member failing to pay these dues as stated as above will be automatically dropped from membership in this association. The Executive Board shall have the authority to
      waive dues, fees or any other conditions for membership in unusual or special cases.
     b. Any family who feels they cannot pay the amounts needed may contact the Pastor or designated Associate to the Athletic Association to discuss any financial problems.
      This meeting and the results will be held in strictest confidence.
     c. High school students may play sports for St. Teresa without paying the family fee. They pay a flat fee of $50 per sport unless their family has already paid a family fee for a
      young sibling. The cost is the regular sport fee per sport if that is the case.
  • STAA will hold a monthly raffle for paid active members in the association and award four (4) $25 winners each month except June, July and August.

  • Article XXII Authority Given Sports Coordinators

  • It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association to allow each sport coordinator to function in good judgment in all situations. Each coordinator will be required to keep the Athletic Association members apprised of any developments or unusual situations which may occur during the course of their sports season.
  • All sports coordinators are responsible for seeing that their coaches adhere to the rules and procedures of the Athletic Association.
  • Each coordinator will select the coaches for his/her sports team and present to the Executive Board for their approval. also each coordinator will propose an annual budget to the Executive Board for approval for his/her particular sport. Coordinators and/or head coaches may choose his/her assistant coaches. The number of assistants will be determined by league rules for each sport.
  • All sport coordinators must be approved by majority vote of the Board.
  • Any coordinators failure to follow the guidelines and bylaws as outlined above is cause for disciplinary action including but not limited to removal from the coordinator position by a majority vote of the Board.

  • Article XXIII Procedures For Sign Ups

  • Each sport coordinator must have a minimum of two (2) in-person separate sign-ups.
  • Online signups will run for a three week period to allow enough time for members to sign up.
  • Notice of signups should be placed in the church bulletin to allow enough time by the sport coordinator.
  • All sign-ups and fees received must go to the treasurer along with one copy (yellow) of the sign-up form or a copy of the online registration list.
  • No one will receive a uniform unless their sign-up fee is paid or prior arrangements have been made.
  • A child may not participate in another sport until all equipment and uniforms have been turned in.

  • Article XXIV Gym Banners And Signage

  • It shall be the policy of the Athletic Association to allow for sponsor signs in the gym.
  • The Board will set the prices, duration and sizes of each sign and work with the school maintenance department for the hanging of the signs.

  • Championship Banners

    St. Teresa Athletic Association shall permit the raising of a championship banner from 1996 to present to be posted in the gymnasium for any and all teams that win a designated championship by the governing body of the participating sport (i.e. WBC Basketball, GWAC, BWAC, WCSA, CWBC as of 2022), as determined by the below criteria:

    Boys And Girls Soccer:WCSA Tournament Champions. In the event a team wins a State Championship, this banner will be hung in lieu of the WCSA Tournament Champion banner.  
    Boys Volleyball:Divisional Tournament Champions.
    Boys Baseball:: Cincinnati Western Baseball Conference Tournament Champions. This does not include instructional league tournaments. As of 2022, an example is the 7U Tournament through St. Jude.
    Boys Basketball:Divisional Tournament Champions. This does not include instructional league tournaments. As of 2022, an example is the boys 3rd Grade Tournament through St. Martins.
    Girls Volleyball: Division Champions, until such a time that at Divisional Tournament is established.
    Girls Softball:GWAC Tournament Champions. As of 2022, the GWAC Tournament is sponsored by St. Ignatius.
    Girls Basketball:Division Champions, until such a time that a Divisional Tournament is established.
  • All banners on display must be exactly the same shape, size, style, and color. Only banners meeting the following criteria will be allowed to be displayed in the gymnasium:
     A. The banner request must come from the head coach and/or coordinator of the sport to be recognized.
     B. The banner must be green and/or white, 3 feet wide by 6 feet long, with white printing only.
     C. The banner can have the following information: Name of Team/Division, Championship won/achieved, grade level, years or years (i.e. 2022, 22-23), names of team members, coaches names are optional
     D. In the event that there are more banners than space available, the banner that has been displayed the longest will be taken down and replaced. All subsequent banners will be replaced in the same chronological order.
     E. No instructional league in any sport will receive a championship banner.
     F. Due to space considerations, any city championship team’s pre-1996 will be recognized on a special plaque in the gym with the sport, team name, and year of the city/state title listed.

  • Article XXV Admendments

  • These bylaws may be amended in accordance with the Articles III & IV of the Constitution and/or the discretion of the pastor.




    Item: The following individuals are not permitted to coach in the STAA without review and approval of the board based upon past violations, issues or situations involving athletics. List of those who are banned is kept by the Board and will not be posted on the STAA Webpage.



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