2021 Spring Season

Lobo Little League 2021 Spring Season

We are currently open for registration. Our board is looking forward to the opportunity to provide a safe, fun environment for children to learn baseball. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting our community, and this will impact our season once again. This document describes the Leagues goals for the 2021 Spring Season.


We will strive to provide the best opportunity for baseball given the guidance and limitations of our state and local governments. Currently we are limited to "pods" of groups of 9 players to 1 coach. All adults and players must always wear masks. Games are currently prohibited, and we do not know when - or even if - they will be allowed.

The Spring season will begin on April 12th and complete at the end of June.

Challenger Division is currently on hold. 

When games are allowed, we will play games.


How are Fees Changing This Year?
If you had received a refund or donated your fees, you will be asked to pay the registration fee as it was in 2020.

If you received a credit from last year, you will still need to register, a requirement by Little League International.  Please complete the registration process until the end of the application.  When you reach the payment processing section, save your application and email [email protected].  Please include in the email your name and participant(s) name.  Once we receive your email, we will apply your credit to this year's fees.

To check each divisions fees please visit our Divisions Section.

Families for whom this fee presents an undue hardship should reach out to the board president via email at [email protected]

How Can I Help?
The nature of the pod structure means we need extra help with coaches. You do not need to be a baseball superstar to help. Lobo and Little League International provide a lot of great resources to help you teach the kids and organize practices.

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Return to Play for LOBO LL Spring 2021

  1. Each player/parent must sign waiver
  2. Each player must have own bat, glove, helmet and mask. If player does not have a helmet then lobo will check out this gear to player for the duration of the season and pick it up at the conclusion of season
  3. Rookie and tee ball player drop off and temp check at cul-de-sac at East gate. Major and Minor player’s at North gate. Player pick up at same gate
  4. Only players and Coaches allowed in Lobo, no spectators
  5. Players to sanitize hands prior to entering lobo and place gear at individual fence posts (6 ft apart) .Players must sanitize in between water breaks. All persons in lobo must have facemask on covering nose and mouth at all times, except when drinking.
  6. Attempt to have 1-2 coaches per 7 player POD during drills . PODs should not interact or have player switch in between, however coaches can coach both PODs. Players should maintain social distance during practice, drills and breaks.
  7. No sharing of equipment with the exception of balls and bats. No sharing of personal bats, only league bats and these must be sanitized after each use and players must sanitize hands before and after use. Balls to be sanitized after each practice
  8. No more than 9 persons (same POD) in batting cages with 45 minute sessions with 15 minutes in between to sanitize.
  9. Teams will practice 2-3 times per week, no more than 3 teams for weekday and weekend time must have a 15minute space in between practice times, ex: Majors field 0900-1045 then next team 1100-1245, and so on
  10. After practice 1 coach will drag the field, sanitize balls and gator will other coach assists players in collecting gear and getting to parent pick up vehicle while adhering to social distancing practices 


Temperature Check

Greater than 100.0, recheck in 10 min, if still >100.0 then not allowed in LOBO

Symptoms check

• Fever or Chills
• Loss of Taste or Smell
• Cough
• Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
• Fatigue
• Muscle or body aches
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Congestion of runny nose
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhea
----If yes to any of the above, not allowed in LOBO----

If a player or player family member tests positive for COIVD

  • Player/Family member to contact Coach/President/Vice President and Safety Officer.
  • All players (players parents) and Coaches who had contact with that individual ( per review of player log) will be notified and directed to the NM DOH for further instructions.
  • The team of the person with the positive COVID or exposure will not be allowed to have practice until notified by President/Vice President and Safety Officer.
  • The infected player/coach name shall not be shared with anyone other than safety officer/president or vice president to preserve privacy.


All Together New Mexico 3/19/2021

NMAA Guidelines

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