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Rochester Youth Soccer Association (RYSA)

Our 2017-2018 BOARD MEMBERS

Board Member, Title, and Contact Email

Rick Plaisted                                        President 

Phil Stamnas                                        Vice President 
Ryan Dee                                             Secretary 
Emily Gagnon                                      Treasurer

Dave Johnson                                      Fall Recreation   
Amy Cann                                            Summer Coordinator &Marketing

Scott Baker                                          Travel Coordinator

Brian Chamberlain                               Facilities Manager

Dana Joy                                             Sponsorships & Marketing

Dan Curran                                          School Liaison

Mary Welch                                          Concessions & Marketing

Shana Mitropoulos                               Member at Large

Bill Borenstein                                      Member at Large

We are here as a resource for our players, our parents, and our community. 

Please contact us about questions, ideas, concerns, sponsorship, and volunteering opportunities.

Thank you for your support in making soccer a fun, healthy, memorable part of our children's lives!