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South Park Baseball Association

2017 SPBA Fundraising

Dear SPBA Parents,

Thank you for enrolling your child in the South Park Baseball Association’s Spring 2017 baseball season.  We are looking forward to another great season of baseball.  We wanted to provide you with some information on the fundraising planned for the upcoming season.


“Play for Free” Fundraiser

The SPBA has conducted this fundraiser for the families of the organization for several years now. On the first day of practice you will be receiving tickets for our raffle to be held on Opening Day, April 23rd.   For those new to the organization, these tickets are sold for $5 each and the money received from the tickets is yours to keep.  Each player is given a certain number of tickets to cover the cost of registration for their respective division.  If you decide not to sell the tickets, you can simply fill out the ticket stubs with your name and enter them in the raffle.  Please return all stubs to your coach by Thursday April 20th.  As mentioned, the raffle will be held during Opening Day ceremonies on April 23rd and there will be 4 prizes: 1st prize of $1,000, 2nd prize of $500 and 3rd and 4th prizes of $250.


“Evans Field Improvements” Fundraiser

The SPBA Board of Directors have decided to try and raise funds for improvements needed at Evans Field.  This is where the SPBA needs your help to make the field and complex a better place for the kids and their families.  During the first week after games are started, you will receive 10 tickets to be sold.  Unlike the first raffle tickets you sell, all monies and stubs must be turned back into the SPBA.  The drawing for the prize on this ticket will be based on the PA Lottery Pick 4 on June 30, 2017.  Each ticket sold will have 5 numbers and be sold for $5.  The grand prize for this fundraiser will be finalized in May, but could possibly include a freezer and a generous amount and selection of meat products.  It is the hope of the Board that everyone will sell these tickets to assist in raising money for the much-needed improvements at the complex.   As a special incentive, each player that sells all ten (10) of their tickets will receive an entry for a special drawing held during the league playoffs to win one of five $100 gift cards.


Should you have any questions regarding these 2 fundraising events, please don’t hesitate to contact a Board member or better yet – come to one of our Board meetings held the second Sunday of every month, excluding July and August.

The South Park Baseball Association Board of Directors thanks you in advance for your help and cooperation.