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Hard Core Fitness, LLC

Byrom Elementary

FALL: Basketball Skills and Drills

WINTER: Sports Skills and Games

SPRING: Mondays--Fun with Sports and Games (K-3)
Wednesdays-ADVANCED Basketball (2-5) 


Fun with Sports and Games, Byrom, K-3

Are RECESS and P.E. your favorite parts of school? Then this class is for you!   We will focus on team-based games that are known recess traditions, while learning teamwork, improving coordination and having tons of fun! 

Playing athletic games engages children's imaginations, develops motor skills and keeps children active and healthy!   In this class  we will focus on individual and team-based games that are known recess traditions. These games and activities will include Kickball, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Tag, Ultimate Ball, Relays and many others.

The head coach for this session will be Dustin LeGrady, Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

 Appropriate for kids in grades K-3. All skill levels welcomed!  

Fun with Sports and Games, Byrom, K-3

Registration Dates: 02/20/2018 to 04/10/2018
Start and End Dates: 04/09/2018 to 06/04/2018


ADVANCED Basketball Class, Byrom, Grades 2-5

This class is designed to improve skills and provide  a great amount of scrimmage time for those students  with  previous basketball experience.  Students  enrolling in the ADVANCED BASKETBALL CLASS should already have these skills:

- Be able to dribble the ball for at least 60 consecutive seconds while moving and without a travel or double-dribble
- Be able to  shoot a ball up to a 10-foot regulation hoop
- Have some experience with games and/or scrimmages.

This session's head coach is Evan Garrison, experienced coach and former D-1 basketball athlete.    

Advanced Basketball, Byrom. Grades 2-5

Registration Dates: 02/20/2018 to 04/12/2018
Start and End Dates: 04/11/2018 to 05/30/2018