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1.  What are the new Little League International – Revised Age Determination Date Rules?

Answer - At the end of last season, Little League International made a meaningful change to the cutoff dates used for purposes of the Little League Age Determination.  Previously, Little League International used May 1st as the cutoff between age groups. 

This year and going forward the new cutoff date will be December 31st for players 9 years of age and younger.

The following is an easy way to understand this new rule as it relates to the 2015 season:

Child born in 2010 is Age 5 and will be assigned to our Tee-Ball Division

Child born in 2009 is Age 6 and will be assigned to our Rookie Division

Child born in 2008 is Age 7 and will be assigned to our Farm Division

Child born in 2007 is Age 8 and will be assigned to our Continental Division

Child born from May 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006 is Age 9 and will be assigned to our Continental Division.

The May 1st Age Determination rules remain in place for players Age 10 and older.

These Age Determination revisions may results in some of our players being reassigned to a different Division than what they originally sign up for.

We anticipate this to only have a moderate impact on the experience of the kids as the underlying ages of the players will be similar. 

We appreciate all of your support as we implement these rule changes.

Our goal as a Board continues to be to provide the best possible learning/playing/fun experience possible.

For additional information on this matter, please find a following link to the Little League International website:

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