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Summer Adult Soccer Programs

Age Requirements
You must turn the required age by the end of the calendar year to be eligible for that division.  For example, if you turn 30 on December 31, 2017, you can play in the 30+ division in the 2017 season. 
*The exception is for 18 year olds - you must actually be 18 years of age to play in a game.  If you turn 18 on July 7, 2017, you cannot play in a game until July 7, 2016, or later. (If you turn 18 during the season, and want to play earlier, please send an email requesting an exception)
Co-ed requirements 
All players must be 18+ to play in any division; there are no other age requirements for women.r. (If you turn 18 during the season, and want to play earlier, please send an email to requesting an exception)

Games will start the week of May 15 for teams that have at least 11 member registered by May 10 . All leagues and teams will begin to be scheduled May 22. Make up games will be played during makeup game weeks. If both teams agree and gets league approval, they may play a makeup game during a Friday, Saturday or Sunday prior to the built in makeup dates in July. If a team no-shows or late forfeits more than once they will be ineligible for playoffs. Schedules will be released in advance and teams must give at least 72 hours advance notice to not be classified as a late cancel. Remember you only need 7 players to play a soccer match. 

* DISCOUNTS:  You will receive a multiple-division discount of $40 that will be applied to each division after the first.  And MUSC youth coaches (rec and academy) and academy managers will receive a 50% discount off the first league that they register for.

Matches can only be cancelled by weather - all matches must be played on the date scheduled. Team captains can communicate with the league to reschedule matches after the schedule is released. League requires 72 hour advance notice for rescheduling or it is considered a forfeit. 

Forfeited or late cancelled matches will not be made up for the team forfeiting, but the team who was forfeited on will be given a chance to play a friendly against another team in good standing.

If a team forfeits or late cancels 2 matches during the season the team may be disbanded by the league, and players reallocated to other teams. If the team is not disbanded by the league, the team will be ineligible for the end of season tournament.
All teams must have matching uniforms and each team member must have an uniques number that is assigned to them on blue sombero. If you would like assistance setting up a team account for ordering uniforms through please contact
Refund Policy: 
Within 24 hours of registration, you can cancel and receive a full refund. If a member seeks a refund before the beginning of their first match, a refund of original charges minus a $25 processing fee will be given. Members may seek a 50% refund due to injury or relocation if they are unable to participate before June 16, 2017. You must contact the league prior to June 25, 2017 to be considered for a refund. After June 16, 2017 NO refunds will be given.
If you select a payment plan, full payment is due no later than July 1, 2017. If you have not made written arrangements with the club or full payment by July 1, 2017 you will be removed from the roster and the team captain will be notified. If you member who is delinquent for payment plays in a match the match will become an automatic forfeit.  
  • 30+ Co-Ed
  • 40+ Rec
  • Open
  • Open Co-Ed
  • Rec
30+ Co-Ed
fee: $150
Format: 11 vs 11; 90 min. match; USSF rules; No slide tackles.  
Co-ed Requirement:  Maximum 9 men on the pitch during play.  No maximum female participation (up to 11 players).  At least 2 females must be on the field, or the team plays down
Age Restrictions: Males 30+; Females 18+ 
Description:  Formerly known as Division B. The 30+ CO-ED Division is for men age 30 and older and women 18 and older. This is a competitive division that follows most USSF rules. Each team should field at least two (2) female players; however, they may play down a player (or two) if not enough female participants are available. Slide tackles are NOT permitted.
40+ Rec
fee: $80 
Format: Pickup game, nominally 11 v 11; ~90 min. match; Outcome not Recorded. No slide tackles. 
Co-ed requirement:  No quantitative requirement for men/women.  Co-ed participation intended. 
Age Restrictions: Males 40+; Females 18+ 
Description: Formerly known as Division D, this laid back and fun division is for men age 40 or older and women age 18 or older. There is no requirement for the number of women on the field, and slide tackles are NOT allowed. 
fee: $120
Format: 11 vs. 11.  90 minute match; USSF rules; slide tackles allowed.
Co-ed requirement:  None
Age Restrictions: any adult over age 18
Description:  Formerly known as Division A, our most competitive division, Open welcomes any player 18 years of age or older. While it is Co-ed, there are no requirements for a minimum number of women to be on the pitch. Matches follow USSF rules. The players in this division are generally the most skilled and fit players in the league, but any players are allowed to join. This is the only Adult division in which slide tackles are allowed.
Open Co-Ed
fee: $150
Format: 11 vs 11; 90 min. match; USSF rules; No slide tackles.  
Co-ed Requirement:  Maximum 9 men on the pitch during play.  No maximum female participation (up to 11 players).  
Age Restrictions: 18+ 
Description:  This division is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. The intent is for a minimum of two (2) women to be fielded on each side of the pitch at all times during the match.  However, it is permissible for a team to play down a player (or two) if they don’t have enough female participation. OPEN CO-ED was created to allow teams with younger adults to find a moderately high competitive co-ed game.  This division is also in place as an alternative to the REC (Recreational Division - described below).  Teams and/or individual players in REC found to be overly skilled or aggressive will be promoted to the OPEN CO-ED Division.  The OPEN CO-ED Division follows most USSF rules; however, slide tackles are NOT permitted.
fee: $120
Format: 11 vs. 11;  90 min. match;  Outcome not Recorded. Two-goal limit per person per game. No slide tackles. 
Co-Ed Requirement:  Maximum 9 men on the pitch during play;  No maximum female participation (up to 11 players). 
Age Restrictions: 18+
Description:  Formerly known as Division C, the Recreational Division (REC) is for players who want a RECREATIONAL game, and is open to anyone 18 and over. Players who place a high emphasis on winning or employ a rough style of play should not participate in the REC Division.  The REC Division is an ideal place for novice players to seek an introduction to the game.  This division is also ideal for experienced players who want to step back into a mentoring role for their less experienced teammates.  The REC Division is a co-ed division, and like the other co-ed divisions each team should field at least two (2) female players; however, a team may play down a player (or two) if not enough female participants are available. Match scores in this division are not recorded and there is no end of season tournament. This division welcomes players that have never played organized soccer before.  REC is a great place for new players who want to develop their skills.  This division should have non-aggressive, relaxed, and fun games. Players are limited to 2 goals each - if a player scores a 3rd goal, that goal will not count and will be returned to the other team as a goal kick.  Slide tackles are NOT permitted.
Administrative Note:  MUSC reserves the right to reassign individual players and/or entire teams from this Recreational Division to the OPEN CO-ED Division at any point in the season.  Players exhibiting aggressive play (even if within laws of the game) are strong candidates for reassignment.  It cannot be emphasized enough that anyone who wants a competitive game should avoid this division.  Participants who have played organized soccer at a high level should avoid this division unless you enjoy laid-back play and mentoring novice players on both sides of the ball. 

Any questions, please email

See you on the pitch!

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