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Technical Skills Training

Soccer players will gather on Mondays or Tuesdays (5 - 8 pm time frame) in an age/skill appropriate grouping.  The focus of the sessions will be to improve the player's technical and athletic abilities while furthering their passion for the game and learning.  We will incorporate a wide range of sophisticated techniques to improve the player's relationship with the ball. This program will supplement the training that the player is doing with their soccer team very nicely.  
An 8 week program, all sessions will take place at the White Twp North Complex, 586 N. Bridgeville Road, Belvidere NJ 07823 or at the Franklin Township Community Center, 2093 Rt. 57 in Broadway, NJ.  Your Warren United team will pick a day, either Monday or Tuesday, and that will be your day to attend this training session.  

If you are not affiliated with a Warren United team, you may join your age/skill group to train with them.  The cost for a non Warren United player is $80 for the season.