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Eastside Sharks Youth Football


Eastside YMCA Sharks Coaches Expectations

What we expect of our Coaches and volunteers (The Head Coach will emphasize team vision and expectations)


1.  Keep it Fun 

  • Football is a game, it's not life.  While there are wonderful life lessons to be learned from the game, we as coaches cannot be so caught up in pummeling our opponent that we forget this important principle. Kids should not dread coming to practice. Kids should not be belittle or made fun of at practice. Teaching moments and constructive criticism are apart of the coaching process, do so respectfully and not by "calling" out a kid in front of the team or yelling at them.


2.  Teach the Fundamentals


  • The best football players of today learned the fundamentals of the game many years ago.  This is in our job description as a youth football coach. We cannot give our kids a 100 page playbook and expect them to memorize it in a 10 week season.  Simplify. Teach. This game gets more complicated the older they get. Take the time now to focus on fundamentals, and teach them how to make a good block, how to catch the football, how to make a solid tackle, how to perform correct cheer stances. Etc.  Set them up for success in their future football career by laying a solid foundation now. Don’t just tell them, SHOW them.


3.  Teach Good Sportsmanship 

  •  We are privileged to have a role in the shaping of some young people, and we need to take that responsibility seriously.  Our kids should be the ones breaking up the fights in school, not starting them. Our kids should be the ones leading by example with their grades, effort, and enthusiasm.  And if we expect them to lead by example, it starts with us. This does not mean they have to gather up after every play and sing “We Are The World” . We can encourage good sportsmanship and physical intensity at the same. I love to see players going as hard as they can between whistles, and after the play, helping each other up and going back to do it again.  We help shape Character.


4.  Keep It Safe 

  • Football has always been a physical game, with many injuries, and injuries are a normal part of most sports. However, the reputation for football has gotten worse recently with the research and media buzz about concussions in football. It is our responsibility as youth football coaches to do our part now, and teach proper technique.  Again, our goals are to make sure they come back to play the game, have fun, and grow into good people. Some injuries are avoidable.


5.  You are a Role Model 

  •  As a youth sports coach it is imperative to understand that you’re shaping your players actions, behaviors, and attitudes.  Players as well as parents will follow the behavior of the coaching staff. With that being said, it is critical that coaches stay positive and put winning in perspective. This program is for youth development and not for the coaches to win their first national championship.  If this philosophy does not align with your personal philosophy on youth sports then you are in the wrong program. Players needs shall be met before the coaches needs.

6.  Thank You

  • Without the dedication of volunteers such as yourself, youth sports and this program would not exist. I understand that there are countless hours of time and effort put into coaching a youth sports team.  I know most of your tasks and responsibilities go without a “thank you” or even being acknowledged but rest assured I appreciate your level of commitment to the program. Please know you are making an impact not only to your player but to your community.

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