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Class of 2019

Devin Heiberger, Capital University
Hannah Huthmaker, Heidelberg University
Randy Ith, Captial University
Jared Lepard, University of Findlay
Justin Mason, College of Wooster
Nishan Pokwal, Muskingum University
Maddie Ross, Ohio Christian University
Brody Smith, Asbury University
Mason Spencer, Malone University
Kayla Weaver, Ohio Christian University
Jared Wright, Capital University

Class of 2018

Corbin Betz- Shawnee State University
Karlee Cammarata - Heidelberg University
Noah Clifton- Malone University
Maddie Davis – Kenyon College
Alejandro Duque – University of Mount Union
Bryce Hull - Ohio Christian University
Zane Kaetzel – Otterbein University
Caleb Pees- Cedarville University
Jonah Poole- Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Taylor Sloan- Malone University
Tyler Swafford - West Liberty University

Class of 2017

Ezra Bukky - Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy Leeds, England 
Drew Grimes - Heidelberg University
Jeremiah Hall - Defiance College
Kobe Heimberger - Shawnee State University
Kevin Juarez - Ohio Christian University
Brandin Moeller - College of Wooster
Harrison VanTilburg - Wittenburg University
Joy Pluta - Ohio Christian University

Class of 2016

Joe Andress – Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Caleb Blevins - Ohio Christian University
Kam Caminiti – Indiana Tech University
Cam Dykes - Heidelberg University
Carter Hagy – Walsh University
Owyn Howard – Asbury University
Nick Fry - Malone University 
Noah Kempton – Ohio Dominican University
Ryan Lantzy – University of Rio Grande
Frank Marshall – Tiffin University
Kevin Karn - Wittenberg University 
Drew Spencer - LeTourneau University (Texas)
Lane Woodruff - Capital University 
Amanda Agustyniak- Marietta College
Betsy Cadwallader- Wittenberg University
Destiny Chester- Shawnee State University
Samantha Grim- Florida Tech University
Dayle Hedges- Ohio Dominican University
Kassie Kiley – Cincinnati Christian University
April Kelley – Marshall University
Brooke Wilhite- Ohio Christian University

Class of 2015

  • Sebastian Duque, Cedarville University
  • Erik Juarez, Otterbein University
  • Kris Henry, Ohio Christian University
  • Zach Lewis, Otterbein University
  • Carl Pohlman, Allegheny College
  • Kyler Splunge, Ohio Dominican University

Class of 2014
  • Bailey Butler: Mount Union College
  • Garrett Dunn: Washington and Jefferson College
  • Ryan Miller: Mount Union College
  • Brandon Pfeiffer: Shawnee State University
  • Brendan Sullivan: Defiance College

Class of 2013

  • Nick Reade: Capital University
  • Joe Nichols: Shawnee State University
  • Noah Ising: Akron University (Football Kicker)

Class of 2012

  • Amy Anderson: Wright State University
  • Lexie Donahue: University of Findlay
  • Elise Zimmerman: Muskingum Univeristy
  • Mackenzie Coburn: Muskingum University
Class of 2011
  • Kristen Smith: Heidelberg University
  • Caleb Williams: Ohio Christian University
  • Elise Zimmerman: Muskingum Univeristy
  • Trevor Kackley: Ohio Christian University
  • Derek Montgomery: Ohio Christian University
  • Cory Myers: Tiffin University/Ohio Christian University
Class of 2010
  • Caleb Betz: Wilmington College
  • Cole Chatfield: Defiance College
  • Cameron Deeds: Wilmington College
  • Sean Roberts: Defiance College
  • Omar Rose: Muskingum College
  • Adam Tacket: Otterbein College
  • Justin Toller: Shawnee State University
Class of 2009
  • Anthony Delong: Ohio Christian University
  • Michael Meadows: Shawnee State University
  • Joe Ramsey: Ohio Christian University
  • Aric Skalican: Tiffin University
  • Blake Steinbrink: Ohio Christian University
Class of 2008
  • Derrick Ising: Ohio Christian University
  • Stuart Hostetter: Ohio Christian University
  • Taylor Ryan: Ohio Christian University
Class of 2007
  • Adam Hoyt: Mount Union College
  • Ryan Loe : Muskingum College
  • Jacob Morris: Muskingum College
  • Luca Scarmack: Baldwin-Wallace College
What has been your college experience and what advice can you give to current Pride players who want to play in college?

"College soccer is a lot different than High School or club. The competition is much better; the players are bigger, stronger, and faster, and everyone on the field has a deep love for the game. If you want to play at any level of college soccer you have to mentally and physically get ready before hand. Every player is expected to run a full 90 minutes or more as hard as they can, whether you start or sit the bench. Mentally, you have to become tough, and devote yourself to your team, and the game. Playing in college has been a wonderful experience and is worth all the pain and dedication. I have formed strong friendships with everyone on my team and camaraderie you can’t find many other places. It’s a great time traveling state to state playing opponents from all areas of the country and from that alone I have learned a lot more skills and styles of soccer. I would recommend everyone to strive to play at a higher level once they graduate and go to college. I can’t explain the feeling when you step onto the field with a bunch of guys who you could all consider your brothers, playing an opponent of higher or equal skill, and facing off against them toe to toe. The thrill, blood, fights, sweat, praise, tears, screams, joys, victories, losses, friendships, love… it's college soccer baby, the greatest sport on the planet." Stuart G. Hostetter Ohio Christian


“Playing soccer in college is a great experience. The team is more like a family and the players push each other to be the best on and off the field. Making it to this point in my career required hard work and dedication to the game. We all play because we love the game of soccer and in college you play with a group of players who all share that same passion and work hard to achieve team goals. Preseason was tough, and earning a spot on varsity as a freshman was equally challenging, but the success that I and the team have experienced is all worth it in the end. Knowing you left everything on the field win or lose is what it's about. Coach always teaches us to understand our mistakes and not do them again. Always respect your opponent, but never fear them. Keep on enjoying the beautiful game and good luck to you in future season.” Adam Hoyt Mount Union


“Becoming a college athlete requires an enormous amount of desire and drive. You have to want to play and want to be the best on the field. You need to make sure you are always working to be a better player so that you can excel over your opponents. Also, do not just wait for colleges to call you. College coaches cannot look everywhere so contact coaches and show them your interest in their program. College soccer plays at a much higher-level then high school and even club. Every player on the team has great skill and is expected to contribute something to the team. I love college soccer because everyone on the team wants to work and wants to achieve success. Also, you have to make sure you understand the concept that this a team sport because your team will suffer the consequences if one player tries to do all the work.” Luca Scarmack Baldwin Wallace 


“First of all, it takes a lot work. You also have to love soccer and want to continue to play because if your heart isn't in it then that might not be the right thing for you. It is definitely a great experience already. I go to Muskingum College and I have only been here for a couple of months and I have already made great relationships with most of the guys on the team. You will build great friendships and have some great and memorable times with your teammates. The one thing that is the hardest is the speed of the game. It is such a big transition and you don’t really know how fast it is going to be until you get there and see for yourself. You have to go out everyday and work on your touch and technique to improve and that will help you when you get to school. You can't just show up and do nothing and expect to make the team but in the end when you make the team and you finally realize you are a college soccer player it is a great feeling and definitely worth all of the hard work you put in.” Jacob Morris Muskingum


“In order to succeed at the college level you have to really love soccer. Tiring workouts, critical coaches, and busy schedules can be tough to deal with. As college player, you're thrown into an extremely competitive atmosphere. Everyone on the team is a quality player. There's a lot of determination that's necessary to make it through all the adversity that the college game brings. However, all the work put in proves to be more then worth it when you experience success as a team. In addition, if you are interested in college soccer I highly recommend you contact coaches as early as possible; it's not easy to just get recruited. I've loved my experience with college soccer. My game has for sure been raised along with my work ethic. I encourage every Pride player to give college soccer a shot.” Aric Skalican Tiffin


“Playing soccer in college is the best experience of my life. It however takes a lot of dedication and time. To succeed you must have the drive to better yourself. If that takes coming before practice and work on your weaknesses or staying after practice. Playing in college has been a different experience than any other team I have played for. On other teams there were those kids that didn’t care about playing that kind of brought you down. In college everyone wants to win, everyone plays hard and is after a spot on the team. It is always a battle. It is important to find a school that you like and that you show the interest by talking to the coaches and players. Do not wait until the last moment to try to make plans. It won’t work, trust me.” Joe Ramsey Ohio Christian



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