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President- Nate Solano

Vice President- Bo Sabo

Treasurer- Travis Aschwedge

Secretary- Crystal Kleege

Concessions Lead - Candace Archer

Information Officer- Emily Heilman

Player Agent-Pat Moriarty

Safety Officer-  Pat Moriarty

Umpire Chief- Kane Steen 

Equipment Managers

1. Chad Sayles 

2. Doug Kroeger

Police Liaison-Chad Sayles

Signs and Advertising- Tucker Tonkel & Tyler Walker

Buildings and Grounds

1.  Pat Moriarty

2. Casey Williamson 

3. Bo Sabo

Majors Commissioner- Bob Palmer

Minors Commissioner- Casey Williamson

Peewee Commissioner- Emily Heilman 

Coach Pitch Commissioner- 

T-Ball Commissioner- 

Local Sponsors

Rushmore Little League

Rushmore Little League, PO Box 1275
Rapid City, South Dakota 57709