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Step Up to the Plate Baseball

6U Park Rules

6U Division
The 6U division is an instructional division and the goal is to teach children the rules of baseball. While official rules will be used, they will be applied liberally to give the children the best opportunity to learn the game. For example, base runners may slightly run out of the baseline but will not be called out unless it impacts the result of the play.

General rules

  • There will be a continuous batting order, all players will bat in the batting order.
  • Length of game will be 60 minutes.  Any inning starting before 60 minutes will be completed if the outcome of the game is in doubt.
  • Maximum of 6 innings per game and 5 runs per inning.
  • Each team at bat is allowed three outs or 5 runs per inning, whichever comes first.
  • Mercy rule – Game will be called if a team is ahead by 11 runs after the 4th inning, or 6 runs after the 5th inning.
  • Games may be started with 6 players.


  • There will be a normal infield with a 6 infielders and 4 outfielders.
  • The outfielders will be required to stand in the outfield grass.
  • Only two Outfield coaches.  Coaches must stay behind the outfielders or in the grass-foul territory. One additional coach may stand directly outside the dugout area.
  • The fielding pitcher cannot advance towards home plate until the ball is hit.  If the pitcher moves toward home plate before the ball is hit, the offensive team gets the choice of the play or a walk.
  • Fielders must make an overhand throw to first base in order to record an out at first base. Only exception is when the fielding pitcher picks up a batted ball along the first base line.
  • The fielding pitcher must stand with 1 foot in the pitching circle when coach pitcher is pitching. When batter is hitting off the tee, the fielding pitcher must be on the rubber. Exception: When the field contains a pitching mound, the fielding pitcher is not required to be on the rubber but still must stand with 1 foot in the pitching circle.
  • Time is called when the ball is thrown into the pitcher's circle, or run into the pitcher's circle. All runners already halfway to the next base will get that base. If runners are not yet half-way, then they will return to the previously touched base. Note that if the ball is thrown or run into the circle, but the intent is not to stop play, then play will continue (for example, 3rd baseman is trying to make a throw to 1st or fielder runs through the circle to tag a base runner). Time will also be called if all runners have stopped advancing regardless of where the ball is located.
  • Overthrows to first base: batter may advance to second at his/her own risk. Batter may not advance past second base. Only one base maximum is allowed and its at the runner's own risk.


  • Each batter is allowed three coach pitches and three chances off the tee.  The first three will be pitched by one of the coaches.  The next three will be hit off the tee. If a batter has not reached base after six attempts, the batter is out.
  • The coach must pitch over handed. 
  • Any batted ball that hits the pitching coach will be a dead ball and a no pitch.  If the pitching coach intentionally (in the umpire’s judgment) allows the ball to hit him, the batter will be out and a dead ball called.  No runner may advance.
  • The coach pitcher must attempt to leave the field and try to pick up the batter’s bat.  The coach pitcher that does not attempt to get off the field and interferes with the defensive player to keep him from making a play will cause the batter to be out.  No runners advance.
  • After a coach pitch is batted into play, the coach pitcher may not remain on the field in an attempt to coach base runners.
  • If a ball is put in play off the tee, the offensive coach must move the tee immediately and pick up the bat to allow for safe base running to home.
  • Each team is allowed one warning if a batter throws the bat, after which any batter who throws a bat will be declared out. The defensive team has the choice to take the out or the result of the play.
  • Late arriving players must be put at the last spot on the batting order.  If the player does not show up before his turn at bat it will not be considered an out.  If the player is in the middle of the line-up and does not show it will be considered an out.
  • Ball must roll past arc to be considered a fair ball.  If the ball is touched while rolling inside the arc it will be considered a foul ball
  • No Bunting Allowed
  • Sliding is allowed.  Head first sliding is discouraged.
  • Coaches cannot touch base runners while the ball is in play.  If a coach touches a runner, the runner will be out.
  • Player running the bases who deliberately removes his headgear is out. 

Order of Rules

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