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G7 Flag Football & Passing League


Game Location: South Gwinnett Park
Game Time Field 1 Scores
10am 6-U/7-U Duluth(6-U) vs Norcross(7-U) Duluth(6-U) 35-12
11am 6-U Duluth vs South Gwinnett Duluth 35-6
12pm 6-U South Gwinnett vs Stonecrest Seahawks South Gwinnett 20-10
1pm 8-U South Gwinnett(S) vs Lawrenceville(S) Lawrenceville(S) 8-2
2pm 8-U ABA(N) vs Brookwood(N) ABA(N) 27-6
3pm 8-U South Gwinnett(S) vs Brookwood(N) Brookwood(N) 38-7
4pm 8-U South Gwinnett(S) vs 3D Champs(S) 3D Champs(S) 19 -0
5pm 6-U/7-U Duluth(6-U) vs 3D Champs(7-U) Duluth(6-U) win
6pm 8-U Southeast Bulldawgs(S) vs Redan(N) Redan(N) win
Game Time Field 2
10am 6-U/7-U South Gwinnett(6-U) vs ABA(7-U) ABA(7-U) 38-0
11am 6-U ABA vs Shiloh ABA 28-0
12pm 6-U/7-U Shiloh(6-U) vs ABA(7-U) ABA(7-U) 36-8
1pm 6-U Shiloh vs ABA ABA 22-0
2pm 8-U Redan(N) vs Shiloh(N) Shiloh(N) 30-8
3pm 8-U Stonecrest Seahawks(S) vs 3D Champs(S) 3D Champs(S) 21-6
4pm 8-U Lawrenceville(S) vs ABA(N) ABA(N) 44-0
5pm 6-U/7-U ABA(6-U) vs 3D Champs(7-U) ABA(6-U) win
6pm 8-U 3D Champs(S) vs Southeast Bulldawgs(S) 3D Champs win
Game Time Field 3
10am 6-U/7-U Stonecrest Seahawks(6-U) vs Lawrenceville(7-U) Lawrenceville7-U) 26-6
11am 7-U Lawrenceville vs ABA ABA 26-12
12pm 7-U Lawrenceville vs Norcross Lawrenceville 36-0
1pm 8-U Shiloh(N) vs CDJ(N) CDJ(N) 24-0
2pm 8-U Stonecrest Seahawks(S) vs CDJ(N) CDJ(N) 26-17
3pm 8-U ABA(N) vs Redan(N) ABA(N) 38-0
4pm 8-U Brookwood(N) vs Shiloh(N) Brookwood(N) 27-0
5pm 7-U Norcross vs 3D Champs Norcross win
6pm 8-U Lawrenceville(S) vs Southeast Bulldawgs(S) Lawrenceville(S) win

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