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Concession Schedule

Since the St. John's Athletic Boosters is a 100% volunteer organization, parents are REQUIRED to work one shift in the Concession Stand, per child per sport, to help reduce the fees you have to pay, and to provide treats for our young athletes and their families. Shifts are usually two to three hours long.

In order for the concession stand to operate smoothly and profitably, there are several rules that must be adhered to:

  • First of all, parents are expected to work their scheduled times, not children. In fact, children WILL NOT be permitted in the concession stand. Please make other arrangements for your children on this day. There is a sign-in sheet on a clip board, please make sure to sign in as those who do not show up will be RESCHEDULED.
  • Workers are welcome to soft drinks and draft beer while working their schedule shift. This policy applies to workers only and not other family members and children. Other items such as food, bottled drinks and candy must be paid for at regular concession prices.
  • Umpires and referees are entitled to free soft drinks before or after their scheduled game and must use the designated window on the patio side of the concession stand.
  • There will be a designated person scheduled to open and close the concession stand each day. This person will have a key to gain access to the concession stand and the change safe. There will also be a list of people that you can call should a question or problem arise while you are working. This list will be located on the bulletin board next to the phone.
  • There is a listing of opening and closing duties posted in several places throughout the concession stand so that everyone working will know exactly what needs to be done each day.
  • All Concession Stand prices are clearly indicated on signs on the service window and on labels in front of the product. Cooking instructions for food items are also clearly posted on both freezer doors.


Are coaches required to work concessions? Yes, unfortunately, there are not enough people to schedule the entire spring sports season. So, to avoid having to schedule people for more than one shift, coaches have been scheduled.

What if I can't work my scheduled shift? Check when the other parents on your team are scheduled to work and see if you can work out a trade with one of them or with a person from another team. Call your COACH for assistance if you cannot find a replacement.

What if I cannot arrange for someone to watch my children while I work? Again, please try to arrange a trade with another parent from your team or with a person from another team.

Can my 12 year old (or older) child work my scheduled shift? We would prefer not to have children working the concession stand. If, however, you are unable to arrange a trade and it is absolutely necessary, we will allow your child to work.

What if the weather is bad? Call the Concession Stand at 385-7595 before you come up. We will do our best to put a message on the voice mail as soon as a decision is made to cancel games. If you get an old message, it means that all games are on and you should still show up to work. Remember, sometimes baseball games may not be played but soccer games may still be on, so don't assume everything is cancelled if your baseball or softball game is called. You may be re-scheduled to work another shift if your shift is rained out.

How will the concession schedule be updated? The master concession schedule will be posted on the bulletin board on the concession building, on a clipboard inside the concession stand and on the Booster's web site, ONLY the web site will be updated when there is a change in the schedule. If your shift is rained out, please check the web site for your rescheduled date.

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